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[Signing] Roman Cervenka signs with SKA of KHL

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Damn! I was hoping we could offer sheet him away from the Flames this off season...

...said no one ever.

He was an experiment that didn't really pay off. That's okay though. Props to the Flames for giving it a try. Also, screw the Flames. I'm glad it didn't work out :)

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Where's the King of the ES these days?

Cervenka, along with Wideman and Hudler, was supposed to be one of the guys to propel the Flames into contention for the Northwest title last year lol.

The Flames and Minnesota were poised to leapfrog the Canucks.

And the RedWings were dead in the water, their window, like Vancouver's, crashing closed...

But seriously, I thought Cervenka did alright - maybe not worth nearly a 4 million cap hit, but not bad.

He scored 17 points and had alright underlying numbers - and Feaster didn't have a great deal of choice; he needed more depth up the middle and took a risk without losing assets.

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Im guessing maybe some culture shock and maybe never adjusted to north american living , He did not play that bad and im sure could have another contract in the NHL if he wanted but obviously was not interested in that with how quick he decided to sign a KHL deal

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