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Mike Commodore says Pierre McGuire 'ruins' hockey for him

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i like pierre. who i can't stand is bob cole on cbc, its like listening to a senile senior with trademarks quirps like "oh boy!" every 5 minutes, i'm sure bob was ok in his heyday, but enough is enough, you should've retired in like 1990. thank god i could see/listen chi vs. det on nbc.

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"(team) fans, start getting excited, cause (player) of the (team) from (team's exact location) and of (player's hometown) is one heck of a player and will dominate the NHL for years to come thanks to the coaching of (junior coach), a great friend of mine. Amazing player, even better person, Gord."

- classic Pierre

But I'll never forgive him for this:

A goal that STILL gives me goosebumps TO THIS DAY, but seriously, SHUT UP PIERRE. Doesn't know what a rhetorical question is.

At least he shut up during this classic:

He starts saying the famous line sort of at 0:41

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Pierre talks like he knows more about hockey than anyone else. He talks about every topic on every player on every team like he has the inside scoop. How the hell is that possible? Just listen to his weekly appearance on the TEAM 1040 and you'll hear how off base most of his analysis is.

Ray Ferraro > Pierre McQuire

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