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Adam Oates: "I'd easily beat up Tortorella in a fight"

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Nah, Tortorella's craaaayyyyzaaayyyy! His freaky, feisty temper alone would take down Oates

Why is Oates even using this angle?! His team couldn't beat Tortorella's at hockey - that's what matters here

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Torts could win this fight. Here's the plan.

Just go for Adam's hair. Oates seems self conscious about the little hair he has left. Adam will drop his guard when he goes to protect the hair, that's when Torts goes for the gonads with a swift kick to the crotch. Then after Adam drops to his knees in pain at Torts feet, he can give the kill shot with a hard knee to Adam's head. Adam will slump backwards from the blow, thus cracking his noggin on the pavement and go unconscious.

Next question...

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