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[Proposal] Vancouver/Tampa Bay

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To Vancouver:

Teddy Purcell

To Tampa Bay:

Kevin Bieksa

Pieces could be added on either side to make it more even but this is the starting point.

Why Vancouver does this: To get a legitimate top-six forward who can be an effective playmaker/winger for Kesler. Vancouver is also looking to get bigger and even though Purcell isn't the next Bertuzzi, he's 6'3 and 205 lbs and would add size and tremendous skill to the lineup. The Canucks also have a few d-men looking for bigger roles next season such as Corrado and Tanev which can potentially make players like Bieksa expendable.

Why Tampa Bay does this: Tampa Bay's weakest position is arguably defense, and Bieksa adds a component to solve that solution. Salo will likely be gone after next season as well and Tampa doesn't have any significant d prospects coming up through the system wit the exception of Koekkoek and maybe Sustr. Tampa can trade Purcell because they have tons of depth up front with their prospect pool as well as their current roster.

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If only Bieska could be as sharp, confident & smooth in his own D-zone, as the persona he demonstrates during interviews. Great guy, & fun teammate I bet, but Good Lord, his clumsy mistakes are hard on the blood pressure.

Do this deal AND deal Edler, if we could get another decent RH-D, who's big & young. Want some stupid errors to challenge your excellent 'tending, & make for exciting back & forth play?..Fine! But at least let's have youth to blame. It's usually our young D(namely Tanev) covering for foolish vets!

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I don't hate it. We do need more scoring. But I don't think we need a player like Purcell. He'll be like another Roy.

Tampa fans seem to see him as disposable. He's the kind of player who puts up points but doesn't really make an impact.

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