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Convert Edler to forward.

Patrick Kane

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Edler has the tools to become a premier powerforward. Call me crazy, but when you have a team that's won 1 playoff game in the last two years, and their highest paid defenseman plays like a #5, then perhaps a bold move should be made.

This guy has some size to thrive up-front. At 6'3 215, Edler is a big-man. Perfect for down low cycles, and battling in front of the net.

He has offensive skills. I'm not suggesting someone like Chris Tanev to play forward... It would be pointless. Edler could put up a decent amount of points playing wing with the Sedins. He has a decent shot and is a good passer.

The Canucks have had defenseman play forward for small periods of time in the past. Kevin Bieksa , Aaron Rome and Keith Ballard have all served some time as wingers.

Perhaps moving to forward will motivate Edler. A fresh-start.

The transition is no easy task, but don't you think it would pay huge dividends? I know Burns was converted from forward to defense and back to forward, so he had experience, but look at how much he's helping SJS. 6'5 230 pound winger roaming the ice. Chicago did it with Byfuglien, and Canuck fans saw all the damage he did.











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I was thinking this for game three... and then again for game four .... ESPECIALLY to match uup vs the sharks for that series. Seriously can't believe av didn't think of it.

Anyways... if he's still here next year then they have to give it a shot if eddy doesn't get his game back.

Imo they shud give him a chance tho... might've been an off year

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I think he's too laid back in his skating and suits D better. I like him to focus on those crushing hits and I just think he's more naturally inclined toward a defensive position with his style of play.

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