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St.Lucia, anyone been?


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Was one of the stops on our honeymoon cruise. It was probably lower on the list of the islands we went to as the port area just seemed a little sketchy. I'm sure the resorts are great though.

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I've also been there on a cruise. We did a tour for about 4-5 hours. Had some pretty beautiful beaches. Some shady places with even shadier people, but most places have areas like that.

If it wasn't so damn expensive to go there for a full vacation, id probably go back and see more of it.

I'm sure you'll have a blast. Have fun!

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One of the nicest places I have ever been.

The people are extremely friendly, and the beaches are world class.

In particular, visit Reduit Beach on Rodney Bay if you get the chance. In contention for the best beach I've ever had the luxury to go to.


Also, if you get the chance, hike the Gros Piton. Its an experience unlike anything I have ever done, and you have to see the view first hand to appreciate how beautiful it is.

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