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Disappointed today with the liberals. The NDP too if they did the same thing.


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So we just had this huge election. I enjoyed it thoroughly it had it's ups and downs and surprise ending and all the fun. Now it is clean up time. So I can only take a shot at the liberals because they were the ones I saw today. It wouldn't surprise me to find out if the other parties did the same thing though. So as of right now I can only criticize the liberals as they were the only ones I saw doing this so far.

So you are asking yourself what is old Harb talking about this time. Another attack on the liberals for no reason right. Like I said if the other parties did the same thing, then they should be ashamed of themselves too.

So today we had to do a couple of dump runs to the city dump in Vancouver. A place where you have the opportunity to sort your trash and recycle it. To my dismay today we go into the regular garbage and there are trucks full of brand new wood and plastic elections signs everywhere. Why would the campaigns not do the right thing and sort this stuff into it's recycling. Firstly it's easy and secondly the stuff now just ends up in the landfill. Why is this even an acceptable idea. 2X4's with two nails in them. Full sheets of corrugated plastic all recyclable and all going to the land fill. This is a shame and a waste. Why not donate the lumber to habitat for humanity. There was so much more that could have been done rather than just toss it into the landfill.

Like I said, I don't reserve my irritation to just the liberals if the other parties did the same thing. This is a shameful practice and should be something that is part of elections pervue that things sort of wastefullness is not part of the process.

/End of rant

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I've never been to the Vancouver city dump. In Victoria, at Hartland, they have guys that inspect what you are bringing in and letting you know what can go in the trash and what has to be recycled.

Is there nothing like that at the Vancouver dump?

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