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Does anyone remember the good ole days (to some of a certain vintage) of the 80s? There was a game at the Pacific Coliseum in I think 1987 which featured a lot of fights. The game was not televised locally in Vancouver so we had to rely on Jim Robson's play by play broadcast along with Gary Monahan as colour commentator. It is interesting in Canuck revisionist history when they talked about Tom Larscheid's long years as the Canucks colour commentator that they don't mention the 5 (I think) seasons Monahan was the commentator while Larscheid was at CFUN. In this particular game there was a really long bout between Michel Petit (who could look really good when dropping the mitts or completely useless) and heavyweight fighter Bob Probert. After the game there was a really fun, relaxed post game show which featured the likes of Dave Hodge and the late great (in this day and then politically incorrect) Al Davidson.

Take a moment or more and go back to the theatre of the mind and tell me what you think!
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The poster who wrote good, great on ya....to the poster who wrote bad, dame to yeah. To the veteran poster who typed "Meh", no kudos to you for using such a lazy expression of the times. I bet if it were trendy to wear a dink on your head you would be right there saying how cool it is!

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