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What do you think of Sportsnet homerism?

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I subscribe to all the different Sportsnet channels as I like to watch all the Canadian teams play. One thing I noticed is that all Sportsnets commentators are big time homers when calling the games. I guess it's ok because each Sportsnet is geared towards a certain market. But I mean watching Calgary on Sportsnet they make it sound as though Calgary are still playoff contenders, when you Watch Oilers Sportsnet they make it sound like the Oilers are the 1980s Oilers second coming, when you watch Vancouver Snet they make it sound like every player on the team is a candidate for first team all star, when you Watch Ottawa they go on about what a gritty team Ottawa has and make you think the Road to the cup goes threw Ottawa and so on with the other teams.

I find it particularly funny when watching say an oiler vs flames or oilers vs Canucks game and if you switch between channels after a good play each commentator has a different view on what happened. For example say the Sedins had a great chance but just missed, the snet pacific guys will be going on about how strong the Sedins are on the puck, meanwhile you switch to snet west and the commentators will be going on about how effective the oiler defense are at Shutting down the Sedins.

What do you guys think about Sportsnet Homerism?

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I used to find it funny when Hughson called Van CGY or Van EDM games on CBC and you could tell how hard he had to work to try to appear neutral even though he could barely control his disdain for the AB teams, especially when they won lol, and I think Hrudy would purposely say things to get him worked up.

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