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(Proposal) Series of Trades (try to follow it closely)

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The first two trades have a pre-trade for each one that I involve Vancouver in. They both happen to be with Calgary and whoever.

To Calgary: Ilya Bryzgalov + PHI 4th

To Philadelphia: Cory Sarich, Roman Horak + CGY 3rd


To Philadelphia: Roberto Luongo, Frank Corrado, Jordan Schroeder (RFA) + VAN 2013 1st

To Vancouver: Wayne Simmonds, Sean Couturier + PHI 3rd

Yes, losing Frankie Corrado is the biggest sting in this trade, but if you're getting back a highly touted and high potential player back in Couturier, you better pay up. Luongo to Philly after they unload Bryz to a team that needs a goalie, plus they get an extra 1st and a center prospect with some NHL experience.


To Buffalo: Jiri Hudler, Markus Granlund, Lance Bouma + STL 1st

To Calgary: Thomas Vanek, Corey Tropp (RFA) + BUF 2nd


To Buffalo: Chris Higgins, Billy Sweatt (RFA), VAN 2013 4th + VAN 2014 3rd

To Vancouver: Marcus Foligno + BUF 2013 3rd

Buffalo has cap space. Once they unload Vanek, they can fill those spaces with young players and also have a chance to fill some other spots with some veterans through free agency may be their best way to go. They already have some good core players in Ennis, Stafford, Hodgson, Ott, Leino, Sekera, Myers & Ehrhoff. They may also get some good valued players in a Ryan Miller trade, now that Enhroth is playing very well.


To Winnipeg: Alexander Edler, Anton Rodin (RFA) + VAN 2013 7th

To Vancouver: Blake Wheeler (RFA) + WIN 2013 1st

Winnipeg has some injuries yearly on defense. Left side in particular with Enstrom, Redmond and sometimes Hainsey. Adding Edler would help that void a ton. Wheeler + 13th overall is a good trade because its a top-6 winger + 1st that some teams in the past have offered for Edler. Giving up a prospect + late pick also helps the Jets towards their re-build/re-tool. The Jets also have a good chunk of young players coming up in Scheifele, Trouba and Redmond.


To Toronto: David Booth, Adam Polasek + VAN 2014 1st

To Vancouver: Cody Franson (RFA), Frazer McLaren (RFA) + TOR 2013 3rd

Randy Carlyle's top-9 style of play and rolling 4 lines evenly is something I feel David Booth can excel in. His size can help any of the lines, plus playing with a playmaking center in Bozak, Kadri or Grabovski could most likely help his production rise. A defensive prospect + 2014 1st for Franson & McLaren is a fair trade, simply because Toronto could use the lower 1st round pick in next year's draft to get a good player with the cap rising.


To Ottawa: Keith Ballard, Yann Sauvé + VAN 2014 2nd

To Vancouver: Patrick Wiercioch (RFA) & Eric Gryba

Ottawa has LOTS of cap space. Adding Ballard to a defense that is getting younger and uses a shutdown + puck mover for each pairing could help him excel is offensive game if he's paired with a guy like Chris Phillips. Gryba and Wiercioch were used primarily as 6th and 7th defenders all year, and were forced to play due to injuries to Karlsson and Cowen. An experienced Ballard, defensive prospect + a 2nd is good value for defensive depth from a team that needs some experience on their backend. With the rest of their cap space, they could make good pitches for players like David Clarkson and a good defender for depth like Adam Pardy, Joe Corvo or Michal Rozsival. If Gonchar does not re-sign, they can use that cap space to grab a veteran puck mover like Ryan Whitney or Marek Zidlicky to play with Cowen.


To Dallas: Brendan Gaunce, Derek Joslin (RFA) + VAN 2013 3rd & VAN 2013 6th

To Vancouver: Brenden Dillon + VAN 2013 2nd & DAL 2013 4th

We take a hit trading Gaunce, but for such a great, young, big defender in Dillon. Not only do we trade for a local kid, but we unite Gaunce with his Brother, Cameron in Dallas. Vancouver's two later picks are for bringing their 2nd round pick back, while trading Joslin with Gaunce is for Dillon and one of Dallas' later picks.



WPG 1st (13th) = Max Domi - C

VAN 2nd (~54th) = Eric Comrie - G

BUF 3rd (69th) = Nick Baptiste - RW

PHI 3rd (72nd) = Eric Roy - D

TOR 3rd (~82nd) = John Hayden - C/RW

DAL 4th (101st) = Jordan Subban - D

VAN 5th (~115th) = Nick Paul - LW


RE-SIGN: (Current players)

Maxim Lapierre: 2 years @ $2 million. $1.000 cap hit - [1, 1]

Chris Tanev: 2 years @ $2.55 million. $1.275 cap hit - [1.05, 1.5]

Dale Weise: 1 year @ $650,000.

RE-SIGN: (RFAs through trades)

Blake Wheeler: 6 years @ $28.5 million. $4.750 cap hit - [3.5, 4, 5, 6, 5, 5]

Cody Franson: 4 years @ $12 million. $3.000 cap hit - [2.25, 2.75, 3, 4]

Patrick Wiercioch: 1 year @ $937,500.

Frazer McLaren: 1 year @ $650,000


Bryan Bickell: 3 years @ $6 million. $2.000 cap hit - [1.5, 2, 2.5]


Daniel Sedin - Henrik Sedin - Wayne Simmonds ------------------------ 22 - 33 - 27

Marcus Foligno - Ryan Kesler - Blake Wheeler ------------------------- 10 - 17 - 26

Alex Burrows - Sean Couturier - Jannik Hansen ------------------------ 14 - 13 - 36

Bryan Bickell - Maxim Lapierre - Zack Kassian ------------------------- 29 - 40 - 9

Frazer McLaren, Dale Weise ------------------------------------------------- 38 - 32

Dan Hamhuis - Kevin Bieksa ---------------------------------------------------- 2 - 3

Jason Garrison - Cody Franson ----------------------------------------------- 5 - 4

Brenden Dillon - Chris Tanev -------------------------------------------------- 7 - 8

Patrick Wiercioch, Eric Gryba ----------------------------------------------- 15 - 24

Cory Schneider & Eddie Läck ------------------------------------------------ 35 - 31



1st line - The lines I've proposed each have size and skill now. Wayne Simmonds (6'2 209) adds that aggressive factor the Sedins really need to become effective again. Simmonds provides that toughness, plus he has great hands and has a good scoring touch.

2nd line - Burrows-Kesler-Wheeler would be a great shutdown and offensive line. Adding Wheeler who is a good playmaking winger, also has really good size (6'5 207) and tons of skill. Kesler being a shoot first player will finally have that playmaker on his line he's desperately needed since Mats Sundin.

3rd line - This line can be a "Kid Line" of Foligno-Couturier-Kassian, although the mix of veterans would help them out at the beginning. Marcus Foligno (6'2 223) would be a good player with his size for the 3rd/4th lines, but also his skill for the 2nd/3rd lines. A bonus about Marcus Foligno is that he can also play center. Couturier (6'3 197) would make a good 3rd line center between to veteran players who would help his development.

4th line - Bryan Bickell (6'4 233) is a 3rd liner on Chicago, but they are too close to the cap, and they need to re-sign Leddy, Emery and Kruger to name a few. The Canucks could make a good pitch for him and give him a good raise to play the 3rd/4th lines. Basically like a younger, bigger Torres. Max Lapierre (6'2 215) and Zack Kassian (6'3 218) make out the rest of the 4th line, and we all know what they can do.

Depth forwards - Frazer McLaren (6'5 230) played at a 13-15 points pace on Toronto's 4th line last season. His size, toughness and mean streak would be something the Canucks need incase of injuries. Dale Weise (6'2 212) plays the game hard, fast and defensively well. We all know what we get from him.


1st pairing - Dan Hamhuis (6'1 209) and Kevin Bieksa (6'1 200) were rated in the top-3 for best defensive pairings during the 2010-2011 season. They were up there with Chara-Seidenberg and Suter-Weber. They need to be re-united again to be as effective as they can be.

2nd pairing - Jason Garrison (6'2 220) has turned out to be a good signing for Vancouver since coming here. He had a slow start, but was doing better and better. Cody Franson (6'5 215) is a RH defender which we desperately need. He has displayed good offensive upside and would look good on either 1st or 2nd PP unit.

3rd pairing - Brenden Dillon (6'3 228) played great on Dallas' 3rd pairing and occasional 2nd pairing last year. His toughness made it hard for forwards to play against. He has a good slap shot and is tough as nails. Not afraid to drop 'em. He and Chris Tanev (6'2 190) would make a responsible, young shutdown 3rd pairing that could go up against tougher opponents, especially with Tanev's calm demeanor.

Depth defenders - Patrick Wiercioch (6'5 208) and Eric Gryba (6'4 222) are both younger players in their early 20's. They played mainly as depth players on the lower pairings for the Senators. However, Wiercioch displayed how well he can play offensively (5g, 14a) and Gryba displayed a very large amount of toughness that can be over the top at times (hit on Eller).


Schneider - Proven this past season he can handle the starter's job. Will need to see if he can handle it for a full 82-game season however. Then also if he can handle playoffs after that.

Läck - Had hip surgery and won't be fully healthy for at least another month, will be healthy 2 months tops though. We'll have to see if his game as faltered at all since the injury, because he may need some extra time.

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You're trade proposals have Calgary significantly improving, not to mention they would still be selecting 6th overall.

- Kipper is replaced

- They add a legitimate top line forward

- Selects a future star in the draft

Not a bad off-season for Calgary. :P

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You obviously put a lot of thought into this proposal.

Trade 1: Neither team makes that trade. Far better goaltending options for Calgary to pursue. Sarich does not help Philly's back end.

Trade 2: Doubtful, even assuming Philly dumps Bryz somehow. Luongo for either player might be possible, with other incentives.

Trades 3/4: I don't see why Buffalo would make those trades. They can do a lot better for Vanek, doubt they'd move Foligno.

Trade 5: I don't think Edler is the Dman Winnipeg will be looking at. They have offensive guys to spare. They certainly wouldn't give up their 1st in that deal.

Trade 6: TO might like that. It's an odd one because it's both overpayment by Van and too much of a risk for TO. Interesting.

Trade 7: Again, seems like overpayment with the pick thrown in. Ballard is an upgrade on either but then Ottawa loses depth. And they love Weircioch. Could be adjusted to work. Good thoughts.

Trade 8: Tough one to determine but I don't like it myself. Dillon would be a nice addition to Van but not at the expense of Gaunce.

Nice draft picks.

Love the Bickell signing, I'm kinda hoping Gillis goes after him.

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Buffalo would get killed if this was the PPG Foligno we saw last year. He really dropped off this year. And I don't think they get killed in this proposal. They get a solid 2nd/3rd line grinder in Higgins with a lot of veteran experience and would mix well with the rest of the young guys like Hodgson, Ennis, Grigorenko, Adam, Myers, McNabb and Flynn

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I'm not keen on trading Sarich, not that he is any good, but I think he is good leadership material for the next few seasons. I like is rough old school style play, and he is still a solid third pairing guy.

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It's not like Foligno is 35 years old. He's 22 and has plenty of space to grow. The Sabres have no need for another 2nd/3rd line tweener, a prospect with little to no NHL potential and a couple of picks that are worse than the Sabres 3rd round pick.

Buffalo doesn't have many players like Foligno and they need players like that for the future. Kassian was expendable because they had Foligno and he's also a fan-favourite in Buffalo. It's like Vancouver trading Kassian and a 2nd for Stafford, a 3rd, a 4th and a no-name prospect. Even then, that proposal is better than the Foligno one.

Even though Foligno dropped off in points, he still finished with more points than Kassian while not getting opportunities with players like the Sedins. Foligno has a bright future ahead of him and will be a major component for the Sabres for the years to come.

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Just a couple points:

1. I disagree. Bryzgalov wants to come out west, so he might like Calgary. And the only reason Sarich goes to Philly is because they need a RH defender

5. Winnipeg only has 2 (maybe 3) real offensive guys in Byfuglien and Enstrom (Bogosian). And their depth guys like Clitsome, Postma and Redmond pitch in a only a little bit here and there. If they let Hainsey walk, they'll need a good LH D-man to replace him, in Edler. I do feel they would give up their 1st, because other teams were offering a top-6 player + their 1st for Edler.

Thanks for the feedback.

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