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The Harper Government : Greatest Hits : A Shocking Track Record


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The Harper Government : The Greatest Hits : A Damning Indictment

“You won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it.”

~Stephen Harper


-The First ever P.M to be held in contempt of Parliament,

something unheard of in the British Commonwealth.

-Recent backroom treasonous 40 year FIPA trade deals with Communist China on behalf of his masters in private industry.

A country with a horrible human rights track record.

-Not so secret agenda as widely admitted to the Council of Foreign Relations of delivering Canada to global governance,

if this isn’t treason, what is ?

-Destroyed a budget surplus and now running massive deficits while pretending to be strong economic managers.

-Wanted U.S style bank de-regulation, thank god he didn’t get his way.

-Opposes universal health care, a pillar of Canadian society.

-Ramming thru absurd 400 page bills of omnibus legislation that he never would have dared campaign on,in fact , promised he wouldn’t , and attacked those that did.

Grotesque Hypocrisy.

-Ran to the Governor General and Prorogued Parliament twice in two years, about as un-democratic as it gets , the second time, in fear of facing oppositional criticism over the Afghan detainee scandal and torture,

banana republic worthy,

-Recently admitted to “losing” track of 3.1 billion of security dollars, gross mis-management worthy of a Sheila Fraser Audit with RCMP backed subpoena power .

Some believe the missing funds are probably going to be used for their ongoing legal war chest / dirty tricks, black ops, slush fund.

-Frequent election fraud, election campaign overspending (cheating) , also instituting widespread Elections Canada budget cuts amid their own voting scandal investigations , basically castrating the investigation.

-Chief of Staff just resigned for corrupt payment scandal covering up for another corrupt Senator. Laws Broken .

Inquiry and criminal charges time.

-The F-35 Fighter Plane Scandal….. billions of dollars, knowingly underestimating and misrepresenting the true costs,should be an investigation into what was really going on and who took money. reeks of payola. More back room deals.

-Continues wasting millions of dollars on Action Plan Propaganda Ad’s that are only fooling the most ignorant Canadians at this point (some programs that don’t even exist) , these AD’s are basically never ending campaigning benefitting the CPC, on taxpayers dime.

-Wasted almost $1 billion in three days for security and other costs during the 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto, it was a historic G20 disgrace,with stormtrooper charging woman singing the national anthem.

-The resulting protests became the largest mass arrests in Canadian history.

-Gazebo gate: Tony Clement, $50 million from the G8 fund pissed away on gazebos to win him favor in his riding, more cronyism ,banana republic worthy.

-Allowed Defence Minister to use a search-and-rescue helicopter as a personal limosine to ferry him between fishing holes.

-???? over Canadian votes via Robo Call-Gate, most consider this treason. The Robo Call investigations still on going.

-Pushing for new private prisons in the wake of decreasing crime rates so his crony’s can profit off of caging Canadians. One of them is an Enbridge Executive, they want to make money off jailing pipeline protesters.

-Rolled out the red carpet to admitted and confessed torturers George W Bush and Dick Cheney AFTER they admitted to the torture programs violating our own laws in the process.

-Appointed RCMP officer Giuliano Zaccardelli to TOP COP at Interpol in the wake of The Arar scandal, the canadian citizen who was falsely implicated by an RCMP/CSIS “terrorism file” on him and illegally renditioned by US authorities to a Syrian torture cell. Then, when it came to public light, RCMP smeared Arar further in the press, rather than take responsibility and protect the life of a Canadian citizen.

Zaccardelli was also called a “liar”by a fellow career Mountie, to his face, in the presence of the Parliamentary committee investigating the pilfering of RCMP pension under Zaccardelli’s watch. But Zaccardelli remained Commissioner.

-Dean Del Mastro, Michael Sona, and Pierre Poutine. (If you don’t know why these guys are on the list you need to start paying attention )

-Senate Appointee ~ Brazeau overspending and allegedly woman beating, calling Justin Trudeau Shiney Pony then getting ass kicked by him , left disgraced.

-Senate Appointee ~ Pig Fat frack Mike Duffy Gate , left disgraced.

-Senate Appointee ~ Piglette at the trough, Sen.Wallin, money overspending , trough piggery, left disgraced

-Bruce Carson’s influence peddling and RCMP investigation , disgraced and charged 5x.

-No class scumbags trying to bribe Chuck Cadman on his death bed, sub human behavior.

-Julie Couillard NATO lost document scandal.

-Turncoat David Emerson who betrayed his riding jumping ship over to Harper. People in Vancouver have never forgave him.

-Bev Oda, The Imelda Marcos of the North.

-Irwin Cotler Affair misleading phone camapign scandal

-Industry Minister Paradis was found guilty of conflict of interst for helping former caucus colleague Rahim Jaffer meet senior bureaucrats on a controversial green energy project.

-In and out Scandal : On February 24, 2011, 4 senior Conservative Party members were charged in the In and Out Scandal under the Elections Canada Act with overspending over $1 million dollars in the 2006 election including allegations that Conservative election expense documents submitted to Elections Canada were “false or misleading”

-Budget cuts to Canadian Food Inspection Agency and wide spread E-coli outbreak, dangerous mismanagement resulting in deaths.

-Fake Pipleline hearings in the wake of massive opposition , 1700 vs 3 Opposed Enbridge amongst presenters to Harpers 3 Person JRP Review Board ; Dog and Pony Show.

—Pushing a project (NGW) that nobody in the province (BC) living there wants, pushing it ahead when it’s a sure fire way to mess up the coast for future generations.

- Enbridge , caught erasing islands in their commercials, an absurd tanker route laden with massive safety issues.

A SFU study just released saying 90% certainty of disaster if Northern Gateway goes ahead, British Columbians and First Nations unified in Opposition against Harper and Enbridge.

-Enacted controls on the Ottawa press gallery, thus effectively muzzling journalists from asking questions , Muzzling journalists !!! Banana Republic Worthy.

-Let’s not forget the Scientists that marched on Parliament Hill, think about that , scientists marched on Parliament Hill, The Harper Government is now muzzling scientists,


-Creepy Prof.Tom Flanagan : Harpers Programmer and Chief Neocon’s recent bizarre “pedophile picture looking is ok” - gate,

-Trying to destroy the CBC and replace it with Fox News North.

-Trying to mandate mandatory carriage of his own personal propaganda network for chrissake, banana republic worthy.

-Caught faking immigration ceremonies on Sun News

(MinisterJason Kenney)

-Filled the government lobby with photos of just himself, (Harper)

-Government of Canada listed as the “Harper Government” in official communications,

-Trashing Canada’s reputation internationally.

-Perpetual shilling for the Koch Bros, basically Harper spends most his time meeting with oil and energy lobbyists,

-Destroying generations of environmental protections,

-Pissing away millions on chinese panda bear rentals while closing coast guard bases. he really did that.

-International experts removed Canadas economic superstar status while he pretends that he knows what hes doing.

-Allowing industry to poison our air and water unabated.

-Completely one sided lapdog pandering to apartheid state Israel, even as they continue to expand settlements and dump white phosphorus on woman and children in Gaza.

-Snubbing the U.N and getting kicked out of the security council weakening Canada’s Security in the process.

- Extreme un Canadian sabre rattling ~ Chicken Hawking and wrongly supporting the highly illegal 2003 Invasion of Iraq.

We could go on and on….

It’s high time for this mascara wearing ???? asshole to resign.

He’s run out of clowns and minions to throw under the bus and we’ve run out of patience.



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Too me the biggest error is how we are managing our oil sands. What's supposed to be our golden ticket here is turning out to be a disaster giveaway to the US and China.

Meanwhile the rest of the modern world is turning more and more to alternative energy. We are deliberately being held out of the 21st century.

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"And our country is in better shape than its ever been... weird"

Suggest you check Canada's national debt under finance minister Paul Martin versus the debt today. You may wish to rethink the "better shape" bit.

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