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Alex Edler could land quite a BIT


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I'm not eager to get rid of Edler. Sure, he's had some struggles but he's still a very useful player. The reality is that we just may need to use him in more of a situational role. He shouldn't be out there as a top pairing guy. Not unless he can find some consistency. Even in that secondary role though he's still be worth keeping. Still, Edler is relatively expendable. We're very deep on defence. Tanev and Corrado can both play bigger roles. Tanev in the top 4 and Corrado in the role Tanev used to play. Plus, that would move Garrison back to his natural side which, while not a big problem per se, wouldn't hurt either. I do worry a bit offensively. Obviously Garrison can take over the PP (should have already) but he is more of a shooter. I don't know that we're as well equipped to replace Edler's ability to pass the puck. Tanev is strictly a defensive guy. Bieksa is up and down. Hamhuis' newfound offensive production is great here and makes this move significantly more plausible. Still, I'm not sure I want him as our go to guy.

In the end I do think we ought to move him. You need to give to get in this league. We desperately need to plug the hole at 3rd line C (and possibly a 2nd line winger too). Defensemen are an extremely valuable comodity. And as much as he may frustrate Canucks fans, I think he'd be percieved as a top pairing D man by most GMs and that's gonna bring in a massive return. Specifically, I think he'd be worth Couturier at least. He's not worth him and a winger like Voracek or Simmons of course. I like the idea of packaging him with Schroeder though since Philly will need a center coming back. In return, I'd be happy to get Couturier and maybe their high 1st rounder which could be kept or flipped for a winger from another team. Or we could add a pick ourselves and maybe get Simmons? Don't know. Not sure how much they value him.

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I feel like a lot of people are over valuing Edler.... way more value then Eriksson? Lol..... Eriksson is almost a ppg player and is probably as good as Edler at defense. :lol:

Eriksson with the Sedins is what this team needs, a legit winger for the twins.... if we can trade Eddie for Eriksson I'm all for it.

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