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What do YOU want to/ think will happen in the off season?


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Hey fellow 'Nuckers!

The summer arrived earlier than accpected for us Canucks fans this season and it is time take these extra months to prepare for next year. I love the Canucks as they are, but in my opinion something has to happen. First round exits in two play offs in a row just isn't acceptable for such a good team like Vancouver. So, my questions to you are simple:

What do you WANT to happen to the Canucks during the summer? A blockbuster trade or two? A change in the management?

What do you THINK will happen in reality?

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Well I think MG and AV will still be here.

If that is the case I might be all right with it on condition that MG finally finds a pair and STRENGTHENS THE TEAM.

I don't really care how he does it...........that's up to him but without a doubt he has let AV down with his ineptitude and inability to get the job done since the Finals.

Time for MG to realise he is a General Manager not an Agent. If it takes "ruthless" he better find some and quick.

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People will go about their summers.

The season will start and people will be even less interested.

Luongo vs Schneider threads on CDC no matter who is traded.

"This is not a Cody thread but." On CDC

I'll start watching every game again with zero expectations.


Oh and, Booth will gun down some other beautiful animal and maybe hurt his hair in the pre season.

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I just hope we get a legit top 6 forward and a 3rd line center. If AV is back I'm gonna have some real doubts about this team. Given the amount of talent we have, it's absolutely unacceptable that we have 1 playoff win in the last 2 years and coaching has to take a pretty big part in that.

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