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Where would we be if we had held onto draft picks?


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We have given up a first round pick, and half the other picks in top part of draft - to bring in players.

Would we have been better off to just keep those picks? A few deals seem worth it - but it seems that most if the time we are trading for players that kind of suck anyways. And we end up not giving our younger players a chance.

Compare this to the wings:


So we have fewer prospects than the wings, and don't give the prospects we have a chance.

Is there really that much pressure in van to make a trade just for the sake of making a trade? Seems like it...

Over the years - not just gillis but nonus and Burke too - we have always made trades for marginal players and always give up picks.

Meet the new boss.. Same as the old boss.

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I think the key to getting good young players is development. Those wings players are no names that Babcock had to really work with. He adapted his ways. The Canucks coaching staff is too risk adverse and passive with helping rookie forwards. I believe Bowness is good with defensive prospects. A non communicator like Bowman had to change his ways, same with Babcock. I don't know if AV has that in him.

I remember when Gillis was first hired he said the key to prospect development was what you did with them after they were drafted. Well right now that seems to be all talk.

What I'd favor is a Raptors/Bryan Colangelo situation where MG is allowed to be president but a new GM is hired that reports directly the owners. MG should only consult with hockey matters but not be directly involved. It's time for a fresh set of eyes to evaluate talent.

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