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Linesman Concussed, Replaced by Broadcaster

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A linesman suffered a concussion during an Australian Ice Hockey league match and the commentator, Stephen White, had to suit up as the replacement.

In a game between the Newcastle North Stars and Melbourne Ice, the linesman was caught with an apparent elbow to the head when Ice defender Chris “The Tank” Frank was finishing a check on North Stars forward Beau Taylor.

Watch here as the incident happens at the 0:55 mark:

The linesman suffered mild concussion and a deep laceration to an index finger in the collision.

To make matters worse, the “half-unconscious” lineman had to be stripped out of his uniform since White didn’t have one.

The outfit wasn’t snug, and White said he looked like something out of “South Central L.A.”

When asked about the experience by The Age, White had the following to say: “I suddenly got out there and realized, ‘Oh, crap, there’s 2,000 people here. I’m on TV. This is my first AIHL game ever and the home team is down 2-0!’ ”


Thanks guys! Still don't really believe that happened but what an entrance nonetheless!


Edit: That really was amazing hockey! Can't say enough about it....I'm temped to watch some previous AIHL games from the season and if they are somewhat like this game, I might consider subscribing online...this is top notch hockey.

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Wow, I didn't even know that they played ice hockey in Australia. Would be interesting to see if they could put together an international team together, would be nice to see countries from outside of Europe and North America compete in international play.

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The hockey looks fast in the video, but there foot and handwork is quite low grade, on par with maybe a first year CHL player, and not a Crosby or anyone like that. In fact to mee that looked like a mdiget AAA game, if you've ever been to the Macs Midget Tournament around Calgary. I'm sure there is a similiar tourney in Vancouver and area for top level Midget players.

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