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Cloverdale Rodeo "Racist Attack" Investigated


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Like the "objective" minds on here making a big deal about the woman with the camera. If someone is making racial remarks and / or spitting and hitting one can't blame her for taking out a camera and talking back - we live in a society where we shouldn't just have to sit quietly and take abuse.

Bottom line is if the other woman wasn't being obnoxious, racist and physically abusive there would be no issue and no reason to bring out the phone. People are allowed to protest, people are even allowed to be assholes but racism and physical assault (spitting, kicking, hitting) is not allowed.

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ugh...to think this was worthy of having news 1130 report it every 5 minutes.....

come on....i rather want to know more about that tragic motorcycle collision accident from 2 days ago.....or something more...NEWS....like...

this sounds like something that happens every weekend outside a pub

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But I also think signs about cowboys being cowards is a generalized hatred that lumps all rodeo participants together. As an animal lover, I don't support and would never step foot in a rodeo, however, to name call those who do is also inappropriate. Who knows what may have been yelled at people leaving the rodeo...protesters generally aren't without a voice and I want to see how this started, not just how it ended.

My niece and sister in law jump and race horses and it's offensive to suggest all people involved in these activities are bad people - so, If we're going to address ignorance and hatred, it all should be eliminated. If the issue is abuse of animals, state it as such but don't assume every single person at a rodeo is guilty.

This girl was goading and encouraging the behavior with her verbal sparring and it was all inappropriate in a civilized society. Not saying I ok either behavior - they're both to blame here and this isn't news.

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Her name is Jennifer Johanson aka "J wow"


Any see global last night, the lady was on it defending herself.....

Reporter: "So this term sh*tskin, I've never heard it before, where did you get this from" (they didn't bleep out poop either)

J Wow: "Uhmm I heard that from like school"

She showed this welt on her arm and said she got beat up too

Cloverdale Rodeo ranter defends herself as police plan on making move

Police say they know the identity of the woman caught on video spewing a vicious racist rant before allegedly assaulting an animal-rights protester outside the Cloverdale Rodeo.

“We have confirmed the identity of the woman seen in the video,” said Cpl. Bert Paquet of Surrey RCMP.

“Our investigators plan on contacting her and interviewing her.”

Paquet said it is too early to say whether charges will be laid. Investigators will make the decision whether to recommend charges based on their interview with the woman and eyewitness accounts.

The woman has been identified on YouTube and other social media sites. Her Facebook profile was removed Tuesday.

Shukria, 27, of Surrey said she was walking to her car Saturday when the woman threatened to beat her up because she did not like the anti-rodeo sign she was carrying.

She claims the woman punched, kicked, and spat on her.

The woman in the video then spoke to Global BC Wednesday and was identified as Jennifer Johansen. She agreed to speak to Global on the condition that her face was not shown on camera.

Johnasen claims it was the protester who attacked her first.

“I made some rude remarks and it got worse and she told me, ‘Oh, I’m not Hindu, I’m Muslim, I’m a terrorist and I’ll bomb your house.’ So I was like, ‘okay’ and just kind of lost it,” she said, her back to the camera.

“Yeah, I feel bad. Sure, if she wanted an apology, I’ll give her an apology.”

Johansen told Global BC the incident was a “stupid fight.”

“When I first saw [the video] I laughed because I was so embarrassed,” she said.

The YouTube video has received more than 126,000 views.

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I don't like the racial crap that this lady said, but at the same time I don't know what the other woman said before the vid starts..... and she seems to have stirred up crap before.

I don't like either of these people lol

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Sorry, but its true, this has become one of few North American metros where overall racial tensions are worse than they were 20 years ago, largely thanks to certain large immigrant groups who seem to always stir the pot.

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