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(Proposal) Quick one, under cap, improved top 9

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CANT SLEEP , so I did this too put me to sleep lol..

Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson 16.45 - Olympic Team Sweden Dream line

Ryan-Kesler-Kassian/Jensen/Burrows 11 - USA USA plus another?

Hansen-Gaunce -Burrows/Kassian 6.5

Whoever earns it out of camp- Hendricks- Kassian 2.5-3 All F = 37

Hamuis-Bieksa - Great Pairing

Garrison-Tanev – Garrison and Tanev will make a great pair

Streit-Corrado – LHD with RHD, Streit could mentor Corrado

Alberts, Blum All D = 21


Lack All G= 4.75

Total = 62.75 <64 so we are good

Schroeder, Higgins and whatever draft pick it would take, even if it were our first this year for Eriksson

(Posted on someone else’s proposal saying I wasn’t crazy about trading for him, but I have changed my mind, just think the Roy trade was brutal)

Edler and Roys rights for Ryan the best draft pick we could possibly squeeze from them in this years draft

Sign Streit to 1/2 year deal for 4/8 million

Sign Hendricks

Sign Tanev

Trade Booth to Nashville for Blum

Trade Ballard anywhere in the east for whatever

Trade rights to Raymond or include them in a Lui Deal

Trade Luongo to either NYI or PITS with a deal that revolves around Nino or Beau Bennet if Florida wants to go with markstrom, and NYI wants to get serious or Pits decide fleury isn’t there man and Vokoun isn’t there number 1

Add a solid wing prospect to our pool that really only has kassian and jensen

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Nashville doesn't take Booth for free, don't think they give up Blum for him. Dont think they give up on him yet.

It would take more for Eriksson. Plus also don't forget, that line was playing on a large rink. The Sedins looked good because they had lots of time and space, international games aren't really physical, almost only talented player. Plus most of their point came off the PP.

NHL success is not guaranteed if we get Eriksson.

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i liked roy's game...he is a speedster that fit with higgy but kesler got him back when he returned...i wish we could afford to keep him....if gillis can't find suitable linemates for kesler, maybe it would be better to move kesler....

booth...roy... higgins. might fit together real well...lots of speed and they all finish their checks...

it might be to much of a stretch to think that gaunce could make the team out of juniors.

i would love to get erickson, but i doubt he leaves dallas.

it would be great to get a 2nd or 3rd pick for ballard.....he does play well at times.

moving lu is paramount.

i like how you keep the cap with your moves.....most people don't...

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They do the trade because there depth on wing is very shallow, they have Sergei, Hornqvist and now Forsberg, (I am confused though cause hes listed as C but I thought he was LW?) Deeper on Centre with Legwand, Fisher, Wilson, Gaustad

Booth would look great in there top6/9, His style would suite legwand, fisher and wilson too.

He is expected to have a bounce back year, had flashes of good plays here but never had a chance to be consistent from injuries, Blums development has struggled, he is also expendable with Ellis, Ekholm and Jarvinen rising now.

Eriksson, I wrote something similar on anothers proposal, and changed my mind, hes 26 or 27, is a big guy, had stayed healthy and consistent for a few years in Dallas and has showed hes able to score in tough West NHL hockey, if he struggled with the sedins than:



Having Ryan and Eriksson, we can do a lot of juggling, with combos that are quite different, and when a D becomes use to our attack a simple change would change the lines style quite a bit, or get us out of scoring funks quickly.

If Eriksson did struggle somehow with the sedins 5 on 5, which I doubt, He would find success with them on the PP for sure with the extra open ice, Jensen is also I think capable of stylistically developing into a player similar to Eriksson, it would be good fo rhis development to skate with him, or in practice.


Roy is gone for sure, he didnt even go to his locker clean out, he wants to cash in 7-8 mill lol we dont need a goof like that on our team, he did nothing for us in the playoffs as well, I dont mind him, and I like how he plays, I just dont see him fitting in with our core and especially with a price tage higher than the sedins.

If we traded Kesler ID cry, hes a big part of our teams identity

Gaunce I agree, I just have a feeling now hes gonna make the team

I think eriksson will leave dallas, as i have read many things speculating he will want out

We can get something for ballard for sure even a 5th Id trade him for at this point unless he could be included in a package

Luis is already gone practically, hope its a good hockey deal though

Thanks man, I did because my other post was a wee bit over


Thanks bruh

@Canadian Gunner

If that was the best I could get or Kesler, and we were rebuilding and he wanted out than I would yes

Our top C prospect, NHL ready now, broke Modanos record for USA scoring in JRs, Has shown great success when playing with larger players, has shown he can hold his own and is strong on his skates as well.

Roster player top 9 forward, Higgins is a good Hockey player, competes hard, battles, can score, can go in and out of lineup in top 9

1st Pick in an awesome draft that I would hate to give up

I think its relatively fair, especially since we got hosed on the Roy trade

Roy was leaving Dallas anyways, Roy wouldnt have done anything for them in the final stretch after the deadline, and they added a second round pick in a deep draft, and top D prospect who appears to have already rebounded

I should be banned? Raymond played great this year coming off an injury, hes too soft for the west and especially western playoffs though and a team in the East would def. be interested in his services, as he could be a regular 50-60 point guy in the East.

Anaheim needs a second line C, There going to go after Roy/Ribeiro/Weiss, I am sure they would love to have the rights to Roy, I read a few posts saying anaheim will in fact be targeting roy this offseason as well.


I could see that happening as well!

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