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So long Alain :(


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Hate him or love him this guy has been a remarkable coach to this franchise.

More than a handful of NorthWest Division banners, 2 Presidents Trophies, and brought his team within one win of hoisting Lord Stanleys Cup. His record with the team will be hard to beat. 313-170-57

Did he drive you nuts at times? Sure. Did we always agree on his line juggling? No. The goalie scenario ever make sense? No. But if this is it as Coach Alain Vigneault in the Canucks organization I want to say thanks for 7 great years. Some funny times with him as head coach that I have enjoyed watching. Great guy. Great Coach. Whatever happens with AV and where he goes, in ways he will be missed.




Regardless with happens with Alain Vigneault.....I want to say thanks for Coach V for all he has done here!

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He is a great coach, I have a ton of respect for him... I really hope the Canucks do not go with Jaque Martin or else they will never win a cup, with his attrocius defensive boring style hockey. I think with either boucher or Carbo.

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Yes AV has a good record but still doesn't mean he is the best coach ever, he has coached behind the best players the Canucks have ever had, that has a lot to do with his success. I am very glad he is gone, his defensive style was garbage, it might work for a team like Nashville who isn't as offensively talented, but the Canucks are and they have needed a more offensive coach for a while now. Just really hope MG goes after a more offensively minded coach then another defensive coach.

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