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This mornings Article on who NOT to hire. Gallagher


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I have to agree with Gallagher n this one. No retreads like AV. Lindy Ruff coming to Vancouver would do me in. It'd be more of the same and could you imagine his relationship with the press?

Here's the article.

The firing of Alain Vigneault here in Vancouver is so ridiculously long overdue you can barely come up with words to describe it.

It should have come at the end of the 2009 season when Vancouver had a better team than Chicago that season and melted down after they led two games to one and had a one-goal lead in the third period of Game 4 against a team that was ready to be put away.

But the Canucks sat back in a defensive posture, let the Hawks come to them, eventually made a mistake, lost in overtime and then lost the following two games in embarrassing fashion.

That was more than just a first clue of what was to come, and the waste of four more seasons with the terrific roster this team has enjoyed has been torture for those of us who have not been fans of AV’s approach to the game.

His approach to life, to all people he meets, even those who are not fans of his style, is another matter. He’s a great guy and he’ll do well with other teams in this league, his released statement a perfect example.

He just hasn’t been the right guy for the teams Gillis has been trying to build.

And not surprisingly, as soon as a coach leaves there are all manner of suggestions as to who should replace him. Here are some guys who should not be considered for the position, starting with the guy most often mentioned, one Lindy Ruff.

After so many years of coaching without a lot of talent, Ruff has developed a similar style to that of Vigneault. When Ruff got the kind of talent coaches dream about, as he had with Canada’s entry in the world hockey championship last week in Finland and Sweden, you saw the results. Great regular season in the round robin, out in the first round of the playoffs, replete with trying to sit on a one-goal lead in the third period against Sweden. It was a mini 2009 all over again.

Could we please not mention the name of Guy Boucher any more?

If the fans were upset with the style Vigneault was producing last season, try to imagine how they would feel about the former head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Consider he managed to make a team with Martin St. Louis, Vinny Lecavalier and Steven Stamkos seem dull, other than when they were on the power play.

Yes, he reached a conference final in 2011, the same year that Vigneault was behind the bench when the Canucks reached Game 7 of the Cup final, but he had the 1-3-1 going for him and that was about it.

When people figured it out the Lightning weren’t able to get much done five-on-five and it was downhill from there.

Please, can we back off the name of Dave Tippett just a little too?

For starters, he may stay in Phoenix. He does a great job with teams without talent other than goaltending, and two years down the road he might be the perfect man in Vancouver if this team is unable to make a San Jose Sharks-like transition and they don’t have the kind of group that can make the playoffs in their sleep.

But that’s not this team next season when the same roster will largely be in place, a roster with a great deal of talent still kicking around. They need somebody who can get this group thinking attack, somebody capable of using and encouraging a big push from the back where you have the huge shots of Jason Garrison and Alex Edler and bright guys like Dan Hamhuis, Chris Tanev and Kevin Bieksa who can augment the assault.

You can’t forget defence, but the emphasis with this roster has to be adjusted to focus on the forecheck.

Maybe Tippett is the kind of guy who can shift gears the way Vigneault did so well at times here, maybe even better than AV was able to do. Tippett is a great guy with charisma but whether he can actually change his stripes a long-shot. We’ve seen that movie here already.

And as Gillis mentioned in his press conference, they need someone who can bring along the likes of Zack Kassian and Brendan Gaunce, the latter to the point where he’s ready to take that third-centre job now.

Finding the right guy will be as difficult as it is important.

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