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Could we please stop making lame excuses for why we lost and move on?

Our Man Higgins

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I still see some people in these forums are trying to blame the refs for our early departure. Wasn't that what people were saying 2 years ago when we made it to the SCF? Sure there are bad calls but most teams can manage to get past them and move on.

If people still want to believe the reason we lost was because of the refs, they're only fooling themselves and buying into a loser mentality that can be exploited by ownership and management.

Also, it seems as if some people are interpreting what AV said about families as if the reason the Canucks underperformed is because they're distracted by becoming parents. If that's the case, does this mean MG will now be looking at whether a player is single and intends to stay that way while they're on the team? It just seems like people are way too ready to make excuses for bad execution by the team instead of figuring out why we flop once we make into the playoffs and make a premature exit. Hopefully a new coach will change this atmosphere, but having fans make lame excuses for our team in NOT the answer.

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I watched "The Fan" the other night...and the following dialogue sums up pretty much most of us here on CDC (myself included):

Bobby Rayburn: At least you're not one of those diehard, you know, baseball fans, you know, really.

Gil Renard: Why's that?

Bobby Rayburn: Because those guys are losers.

Gil Renard: Aren't the fans what it's all about?

Bobby Rayburn: Sheee-it! I'll tell you something, man, the fans are like women. When you're hitting, they love you, and when you're not, they just as soon spit on you as look at you!

Gil Renard: Why is that?

Bobby Rayburn: Because they don't know whether you're the same person when you're hitting or not.

Made me realize that I need to change my "fan attitude".

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Tort's Rants, why bother explaining what we and others have already explained at length and in detail in the refs thread for anyone who bothers to actually read it? People who don't read the thread have no right to judgement on the opinions therein.

Read the thread and you'll see most people know bad reffing is not why we lost, though it did have an undue impact and is part of an ongoing problem in the NHL effecting all teams, not just ours. Also, it's appreciated to give your own opinion along with facts to back it up rather than just ranting that what you think others are saying is wrong for unspecified reasons.

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My point is that if you looked at other contests between playoff teams, you would probably think the same thing if you were a fan of another team, and yet these teams seem to persevere. Didn't stop us getting with a game of winning a Cup 2 years ago, did it?

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