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Best Non-City For Producing Hockey Talent?

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What non-city is the best in the world at breeding hockey talent? For non-city, I'm gonna say a town with a population of 35000 or less.

My home towns of Campbell River and Comox have produced some great talent over the years, Cam Neely, Rod Brind'Amour, and Brett Connolly to name a few

My pick would have to be Cranbrook, BC though. The Neidermayers, Yzerman, if you look on wikipedia, the notable residents is just a list of retired hockey players.

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Truth told Ornskoldsvik has only produced 10 NHL hockey players with 28,991 inhabitants of the city.

Niklas Sunstreom 349 points in 750 games

Henrik Sedin 792 points in 906 games

Daniel Sedin 758 points in 906 games

Andrews Salomonsson, 14 points in 71 games

Niklas Nordgen 6 points in 58 games

Markus Naslund 869 points in 1117 games

Lars Molin 98 points in 172 games

Victor Hedman 89 points in 258 games

Andres Hedberg 397 points in 465 games

Peter Forsberg 885 points in 708 games

Doesn't get much better then that.

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Carey Price is from Anahim Lake. It has population of 1500 people (that's including the communities near it) and it is 200 km away from the nearest town, Williams Lake. It's only one player but it's crazy to think about the lengths that his family went to keep him in hockey.

Carey Price was born in Vancouver, British Columbia but was raised in the remote town of Anahim Lake in northern British Columbia. He was taught to play goaltender by his father on a frozen creek during the winter months and played organized hockey in Williams Lake nearly five and a half hours away by car. Having to make the ten hour round trip three days a week, Carey's father bought a plane to fly him to practice and games. - wikipedia

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