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What is wrong with this planet?


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So what you are saying is Star Wars was ahead of its time in the fashion department? :P

Yes, at least for the more eleborate professionally made looking costumes.

Click Here For Example

Most people don't spend that much people will still buy the cheap ones and a few will make their own outfits but people who go to those events regularly tend to drop some serious money so they can stand out.

Cosplay has a few different levels. Some people just do it for photoshoots, some treat it like Halloween and just act normal like a social event, and some people try to act like the character they dressed up as. Most guys who do it usually use it to score hook ups by going after the girls dressed as whoever their character hooks up with in the shows or games or comics (surprisingly this method works well for most)

Sources: I never cosplayed but I do sometimes go to events like Comic Con with a group of friends.

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