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Possibility of Moving and Trade Proposals...?

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Ok so I am currently recovering from a serious surgery and am heavily medicated, this is my first attempt at this and I will probably be chewed out laughed at or generally berated but things that one expects being a hockey fan. I will also apologize if it looks like a run on because I cannot figure out how to actually get this to space, subspace indent or end a paragraph. What is our current problem with the team? What needs to be addressed? Complacency in the core? Lack of motivation? No prospects? Need a shake up? What can we do? This may seem foolish but we have core players that could be moved. We have a need to get younger and get some picks prospects as we've seen ours traded away over the last few years. How about these theories, and again please be nice and think about them from both a business and a hockey point of view as I will try to justify why they make sense on both fronts. Schnieder and a 1st to Winnipeg for Burmistrov and a 1st. Burmi wants out, Schnieds has history in the Peg and the Jets don't lose their pick and get a great tender, can trade Pavelec. If Florida keeps their pick Luongo to Florida for Bjugstad or Trocheck. Mackinnon makes one of their budding centers expendable. Ok I am going to get ripped tyo pieces for these next ones but let's shoot for the sky. Edler and a 1st and 3rd to Florida for Campbell and this years 1st. Again Florida has a glut of centers and needs defence instead of more pivots or wingers as they've a depth at forward position in the minors. They shed over $2 million in cap from Campbell and get Edler in return who is a promising young star. We lose the cap space and Edler has both a questionable back now AND has been a whipping boy in the playoffs 2 years running, plus get that PP QB that has experience with Garison. Now to get really beaten up. H and D Sedin to Tampa for V Lecavelier, T Purcell 2013 1st round pick 2014 1st round pick. Yzerman loses this years pick but gets 2 of the leagues best forwards that grew up playing with two of his best defencemen in Salo and Ohlund, and also have worlds experience with Hedman AND sheds Vinnys contract. Vancouver can drop $5 million in salary gets a heart player in Purcell and can either try trading Vinny or buying him out and signing him at a lesser contract which in my opinion i'd rather see than buying out Booth or Ballard. Then attempt to trade Booth and or Ballard for 2nd or 3rd round picks. Please be gentle, I know this is a pie in the sky scenario all around but I listed reasons why it could work in every scenario. Each given scenario addresses needs for each team involved and leaves the Canucks good for cap space. Added if pulled off we draft Mackinnon and or Drouin at the 2 and or 3 spot and get some solid hope for the future.. Ok, now that I have written this you can beat me up and tell me why any or all of this is a bad idea and why. I do enjoy a good debate so please, come ready with information and not just insults or silly emotes.

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qwijibo, That is the thing if you look at them then you realize that from a team and business perspective those proposals are indeed genuine possibilities that benefit all temas involved. And Crime, for some reason my tower is not letting my enter button start a new line so everything I do is ending up as one long paragraph and it is bloody annoying. And as I said in the the post itself, don't just berate me, answer as to why that could or could not work.

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i don't think we'll see a bunch of moves....lu to philly or nyi.....ballard for a 2nd or 3rd pick....buyout for booth....

kesler needs line mates, a 3rd line center....resign some of our depth players....lappy, weise, tanev and alfredson...

get cap as low as possible......give jensen. lain, gaunce, kassian, schroeder and corrado a shot at making the big club....

it may take gillis two years to put the best team together....





hopefully, gillis gets some players via trades to move some of these players down a line....






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