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Gillis is going to make a bad coaching hire


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He'll end up hiring someone that will be a head scratcher. All one has to do is look at his awful track record for trades/signings. Latest rumor has Canucks interested in John Stevens. No thanks. The only way to get Gillis out and fired is fans stop attending the games, thus hitting Acquillini in the pocket book. We saw the beginning of that in the playoffs and it must continue into next season. Gillis won't do much in the way of "bold" moves. He's pretty much admitted the core group will be back. Essentially, it will be pretty much (minus a few players gone) the same team that's gone out in the 1st round 2 straight season and just won 1 playoff win in their last 8 playoff games. Gillis is stubborn that I really believe he won't buy Booth out. That guy should be gone. Period. If the Canucks get off to another poor start next season, then hopefully Gillis is finally fired. On paper and statistically Gillis has been the most successful GM in franchise history but he's by far been the worst GM in franchise history for trades and signings he's made.

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