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I hate the idea of trading them, they should retire in Vancouver. Although if they wanted to go, i'd try:



Just a straight trade.

Sedins, Luongo>OTT

Silvferberg, Michalek, Anderson>VAN

Luongo probably would prefer staying in Canada and going to a team with little media pressure, Silvferberg&Michalek up and coming(Not so much Michalek) Then Luo for Anderson straight trade.

Both those trades sound like ridiculous blockbusters but if its the Sedins, it has to be.

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I would absolutely do it if I could keep them together. I believe in them, it's just I don't believe in the rest of the team. It would have to happen by this years draft, that much is for certain. The package coming back would give us organizational depth we've never had, prospects the rest of the league would envy, and young stars. Maybe even one of the big 3 at the draft.

As i've said in multiple threads, I'm not interested in being the Calgary Flames. This group had it's shot, it's time to start moving players out before they are worth nothing and contributing nothing.

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1. They are not 'aging' at 32.

2. They are elite players that require an upgrade at RW or a puck-moving dman.

3. They would not waive their NTC and move their families for 1yr (which is left on contract).

4. Dumb post.

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