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NHL13 is absolute garbage.

Patrick Kane

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Been gaming since pong and Atari and I have played every single version of hockey ever created for the PS and nearly all for the Xbreak not to mention all the lesser consoles in between and 2013 is by far the most realistic in terms of 2 players against one another on the same tv in the same room. Playing the last dozen hockey titles online on the other hand is the worst experience I have ever had gaming.

The online modes for the past 10 years are not even worth a squirt of piss IMHO. The brutal default game setting of pro mode is pathetic. We are playing NHL ! Where all the players are NHL caliber not peewee caliber ! Quite frankly online game play has taken away from nearly every aspect of gaming.

The cash cow of DLC and online game stores has nearly ruined the industry in terms of casual personal enjoyment. EA is a complete joke with their mega geeks who have zero knowledge of the game making the game. I have nearly stopped playing all sports games because of this.

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What I hate are the people who score the EXACT SAME WAY MULTIPLE TIMES IN 1 GAME!

This game is such a roller-coaster for me but it's kinda like the real thing in that regard haha. One time I went like 30 straight games without a regulation loss, felt like god and immediately after came down to Earth and lost 3 or 4 games in a row...it was tough because I wasn't used to losing. Started to think I sucked at the game but got it turned around, game may not be realistic but the rollercoaster of emotions is.

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I've worked people the past few days.

I just started playing play now online and I've constantly had a average 30+ to 10 shots. What I've noticed though that you have to score a lot cause at times even if they only have 5 shots, they manage at least 2 goals.

Good thing I can score though.



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