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Report: Keyshawn Johnson chased down, called cops on Justin Bieber


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Sometimes I think I've probably written the weirdest headline I'll ever write. And then sometimes Keyshawn Johnson chases down Justin Bieber for driving his Ferrari at really fast speed through a neighborhood and then calls the cops on the teenybopper heartthrob.

This is, according to TMZ, one of those times. The entertainment website reports that Keyshawn was coming back from a party on Sunday night when the Biebs went flying past Johnson's car at "breakneck speeds" in a Ferrari through the Calabasas neighborhood.

Keyshawn was apparently so fired up and concerned that he took the child in his car home and then chased Bieber down in his Prius.

TMZ also reports that two people called the police on Bieber for speeding through the neighborhood. It certainly makes sense that one would be Keyshawn.

Perhaps the other was fellow Calabasas resident Eric Dickerson?

Eric Dickerson


I live in Calabasas too and @justinbieber needs to slow his ass down.

9:58 AM - 28 May 2013

1,786 Retweets 669 favorites

Is this the greatest tweet ever? Hard to say for sure but it might be close.

Either way, it certainly appears that the Calabasas drama probably isn't over just quite yet. TMZ also reports that Bieber "appeared stoned" and that the singer hid in his house when Keyshawn tried to confront him.

Hopefully Keyshawn at least squeezed in a really loud "COME ON, MAN!" before Biebs slammed his door.

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i feel sorry for Bieber, people are trying to lead the narration of his career in a specific path. and because he's getting into trouble they're trying to turn him into the next Jackson or something. it's like this dude's entire life is a choose your own adventure story now, with the media running the story. this can only end one way it seems, and that is tragic

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i have not one ounce of sympathy for the little douchebag

he isn't the only celeb to be hounded by media and paparazzi all the crap he pulls is on him not the media he is the one acting like a stuck up self centered egotistical little brat

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