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Canucks Management Should STRONGLY Consider Hiring Tortorella


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Think the words been out for long enough and most of us have heard of John's firing. Let me get straight to the point:

Torts is a great coach but having him is like playing with fire: it can either help you or burn you.

Torts - from a coaching perspective - is top notch to lead any team. The guy doesn't have any favourites he plays or anything of that sort and he honestly plays players if they are deserving of it based on the effort they give on a daily basis whether that be in practice or in a game. If they aren't playing to expectations, he doesn't give a damn and he'll tell them in the locker room and public too at times. Benches Richards, calls out the PP, calls out Kreider, ...the whole thing, the complete package.

However, the "bad" part is if his words are taken personally by players. If you have players that understand the type of guy Torts is, they'll know that what he says is for the better of them. Unfortunately, some/most players (Even fans - most of which hate him for this exact reason) don't get that in him and take it personally and their self-esteem drops below ground level. A few harsh words and they start crying and complaining and get frustrated - players should understand what Torts is doing. He doesn't yell to discourage the people around him, he simply does it to get his message across as quickly as possibly; there's a 82 game season, and come playoffs, every game goes by in a flash. You need someone who can get his words of advice across to the team fast enough before the next game in order for them to know whats wrong and so they can improve it in time before the series is over and it's too late. That is crucial come playoffs and is also why we've had such poor success the last 2 years in the postseason - the coach simply couldn't get his message across to the team fast enough.

With that, having him all depends if players are capable of taking in the vibe he brings to a locker room. He can either call you out and get you motivated to improve and exceed or he can call you out and you can sit there crying that he's being a meanie.

Me personally, I wouldn't mind him at all in Vancouver as our head coach. The guy knows how to get the most out of what he's given (his players) and he also knows howto shutup and control the media. That's a major point and a major pro we'd have as him as coach. Media has been running the Canucks organization for over a decade whether you've realized it or not and they criticize anything and everything the team does. It causes misconception to the fans cause they don't know what to believe in, if management is doing good for the team or not, and most importantly it gets players off their game/state of mind. Hockey players are human. They're made up of the same material as me and you and everyone else is made of, and they feel the same emotions we feel. If our way of believing/thinking can be altered by a watching/hearing media, what makes you think it can't do the same to the players who got out there for our city and compete? It's directly proportional/the same and it causes a state of misconception in players too, and for us, specifically the Luongo/Schneider saga and the saga if the Sedin's are good enough to lead us, plus numerous other things. If we had a coach who could set the standard and set the bar with media, it would no longer be an issue for fans and the players as they'd be able to concentrate on the team only and not have any doubts in the back of their heads.

For all the points listed above, this is why the Canucks should strongly consider hiring Torts as our new head coach.

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I would take him here in a heartbeat.

One of the things that drove me nuts about AV was the coddling of the Sedins. Why are they not penalty killing, always playing together and rarely held accountable (see Henriks pass up the middle to lose game 2 this year)?

This is about the whole team, not just the Sedins and that everyone has a bad game or a slump, but If a player is getting paid millions to perform and do their job but they are not doing it, BENCH THEM.

Torts will call the players out on it, just like he did Richards this year and to me THAT is the message that needs to be sent to light a fire under some of the players.

That and think of the media scrums!

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If Torts comes here don't get hissy when you start being fed a steady diet of 5 guys collapsing to the net and defensive hockey. His history seems to show he has a short life cycle with his players before they revolt or quit

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I strongly disagree with hiring Torts... Hes great for the media, but I don't view him as a amazing coach...

Last thing we need is another close-minded coach believing in the doghouse project... AV was enough, we need someone who can adapt the players to different scenarios and on the fly... How would you feel if Hank and Danny were benched as healthy scratches because they were not playing to their potential and producing? From a Tort point of view half of the team would be benched due to lack of production.

One thing I did not like about AV and that was the inability to force other teams to play our game... most of the time over the years we've been playing catchup hockey, dump chase, dump chase, get a goal and defend that one goal lead or defend a tie to get it to OT.... this type of play is really hard on the players(causes lots of injuries) and extremely hard on the goalie as the entire team and coaching staff relies on the goalie to get a point or two...

We need an adaptive coach with the ability to turn the team around and adapt vs the opponent and a coach who knows how to work with the team based on their strengths, something on the lines of Babcock, Quenneville, Sutter, Claude Julien, McLellan and I'm sure I'm missing a few others which fit the profile... on the downside, I don't foresee any of these coaching coming available anytime soon.

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Regardless of whether or not you think his coaching style would actually work for our guys, do you honestly want a Tortorella style press conference in front of a Canucks logo? Or worse, one of his behind the bench hissy fits? And people think we're hated now...

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