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Toronto cop stops to tie sick senior's shoes

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Toronto Police officer, Mark Borsboom, was photographed Monday tying an elderly man's shoelace in a photo that has gone viral on Twitter:

A Toronto Police officer was caught in an act of kindness on Tuesday as he tied an elderly man’s shoelaces in a photo that has gone viral on Twitter.

Mark Borsboom, a paid duty officer, was on duty near The Rogers Centre on Tuesday afternoon. At around 4:30 p.m., he came across the elderly gentleman, walking with a cane near Bremner Boulevard and Lower Simcoe Street. “He wanted to prevent him from tripping on his lace,” Toronto Police Service media officer Wendy Drummond said.

Borsboom offered to help the man, stooping to tie his laces for him. The moment was captured by marketer/social media strategist Jason Cassidy and quickly spread around social media. It was eventually retweeted by the Toronto Police’s official Twitter feed.

Cassidy was walking by and saw an elderly man with what appeared to be breathing apparatus as well as a cane. He noticed a police officer at the elderly man’s feet.

“I thought he was being searched for drugs or something like that,” he said.

But once he realized the police officer was tying the elderly man’s shoes, he whipped out his phone to capture the moment.

“I kind of went, oh my god,” Cassidy said, “I have to share this.”

As soon as he got home he posted the photo on Instagram and Twitter and watched the beautiful photo, quite unexpectedly, turn into a viral sensation.

“I was shocked, but at the same time not really, we need positive stories like this that aren’t often in the media,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy is an avid social media user and is often asked why he takes photos that people may deem “unnecessary.”

He said that capturing Borsboom helping an elderly man is a moment worth capturing. “You don’t want to miss things like that.”

Borsboom has served Toronto’s central 14 Division for about 14 years. Division Superintendent Mario Di Tommas called him a “gentleman” and “stellar performer.”

“This is the type of service that we expect from our officers, the public is certainly entitled to outstanding customer service,” says Di Tommas.

Borsboom has recently been assigned to the investigative office.

“When there’s a senior in need, this level of service is just outstanding, and I’m very, very proud of officer Borsboom and what he did for this senior citizen,” Di Tommas said.



What a great story! :)

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zomgz, he tied his shoes! :rolleyes:

One time I tied one of my friends shoes when we were on a bus. He didn't even notice me do it. I didn't say anything. I don't need anyone to take a picture of me doing this act.

When my friend got up he stumbled a bit though. I tied his laces from both shoes together. :bigblush:

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I don't know.

The photographer said he stopped because he thought the old man was being searched for drugs. He probably thought he would snag some shots and slag Toronto Police off. When he saw the truth he saw it turning into a nice human interest price and he did what any self- promoter would.

Police are good people, I don't need this to know that.

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When I worked at CIBC Visa, I had an old lady call in all upset as she thought she had a late payment. It turned out it was all over a magazine subscription that came out a few days early. I told her it was nothing to worry about, and there would be no interest as she'd been a customer for over 30 years. She was crying and said she lost sleep over it. I calmed her down (If she was acting she did a fantastic job!).

I felt so bad that as a one time customer service gesture I actually took care of the cost of the magazine subscription for her.

My manager felt I was too nice, I said look she probably had a mortgage and stuff through us, and she's never missed a payment in 30 years, why not reward a loyal customer? I'm happy I did it, and I probably made that customer's day.

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