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Botchford (of all people), on his tsn studs and duds segment just offered up some pretty comical material to launch a theme thread....

My nomination for today's quote of the day:

Botchford claiming he's attempting to "save the newspaper industry."


Anyone else think that any industry that needs Botchford to save it should cash in all their chips asap?

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Ha ha...yeah saw that. He's literally taunting Torts to come out West and the funny thing is that if it were to ever go down that way, Botch would be the first guy quivering on the floor in the fetal position the first time Torts told him to get the !@#$ out of the room.

What a joke that clown is.

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I think Botchford should stick to his day job of writing crappy trash pieces.

It seems like he`s trying really hard to be a personality, rather than a credible sports writer. Maybe this is part of an attempt to get on the TSN panel, who knows.

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