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[Proposal] Tired of losing....get Mackinnon & Drouin, *No Matter The Cost*

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You saw the title...tired of losing every year. Sacrifice whatever the price may be to acquire Mackinnon & Drouin. Mackinnon is the next coming of Crosby and with both these youngsters, we'll be more respected around the league and will get calls going our way with Mackinnon to be a poster boy for the NHL and his sidekick Drouin - kinda like Crosby and Malkin.

Our drafting/developing is horrendous compared to most teams in the league so I have no faith in them. Leave them behind, forget about drafting 23rd or whatever it is and taking a chance with us developing them, and draft number 2 & 3 overall and get guaranteed success. Again, doesn't matter the price. If MG is smart, he does this knowing there's a better chance of us winning a Cup - multiple Cups at that - with drafting these 2 rather than going his own way, plus this way, our future 1st line would be solidified when the Sedin's leave which can be soon as next year with both contracts expiring and them maybe ending their career in Sweden as reported/rumoured.

My proposal to turn around this organization which has been a fail considering it hasn't won a Cup in 40+ years of existence in the league:

To Florida: Edler, Jensen, Higgins, 2013 1st, 2014 3rd

To Vancouver: 2nd overall (Mackinnon), Kulikov


To Tampa Bay: Schneider, Schroeder, Ballard, 2014 1st, 2013 3rd

To Vancouver: 3rd overall (Drouin), prospect


Sedin (6.1) - Sedin (6.1) - Burrows (4.5)

Jagr (2.5) - Kesler (5) - Iginla (3.5)

Drouin (3.550) - Mackinnon (3.550) - Kassian (0.870) [Future Alert!]

Lapierre (1) - Hendricks (1.25) - Hansen (1.35)

Hamhuis (4.5) - Bieksa (4.6)

Garrison (4.6) - Tanev (1.8)

Kulikov (2.5) - Corrado (0.599)

Luongo (5.333)

Lack (0.750)

Fits under $64 mill cap max....that is how you turn around a franchise. Future of the NHL playing 3rd line. Get Iggy and Jags to take a discount and win a Cup with us. Keep the Sedin's and Burrows. Hendricks for depth. Get a young dman in Kulikov, Lu mentors Lack. Lineup has everything...young talent slotted in everywhere plus lots of veteran players. This would keep us contenders and make us a lethal threat for many years to come. One can dream, and I don't care if I overpaid for those 2 picks, but I'd do that anytime - anytime! - to revive this franchise and get the respect from fans back.

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I agree. This is truly resetting as Gillis said and taking a different direction. These are the type of big moves I want but Gillis is afraid to do. So all he does is sign plugs like Sestito.

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Top 3 picks in the draft sign at that price range. 1st overall nowadays usually signs at $3.775, and next 2 sign at $3.550 I think...someone correct me if I'm wrong but its basically just how it works. :)

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