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What all the last 4 Cup winners (and now conference finalists) have in common.


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They all have former 1st or 2nd overall pick players that are 25 or younger.

It's no secret that having young impact players, and surrounding them with a solid core of veterans is the key to success.

That's why if there's any chance of getting a top 3 pick from this years draft, I think Gillis needs to make his bold move and go for it. Even if we have to "sell the farm". It's better to have one elite player, than a bunch of fringe players.

We have assets to get a deal for one of these players, it's just a matter of whether or not Gillis can get a deal done.

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Well, I don't know how much truth there is to Colorado wanting an elite tendy as part of the package for the 1st overall, but I think MG's got to pursue that hard. Even if it means the Avs want Schneider.

Nate MacKinnon on the Canucks may be a pipe dream, but it's a dream worth pursuing.

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Those teams also have the same trajectory that the Canucks have not been associated with for awhile.

Right now the Canucks will have to truly pattern themselves after the Wings.

I think it be a horrible ideas to give up previously drafted players for a top 3 pick. You certainly may create holes for the future.

Id much rather concentrate on savvy drafting with what we have and start layering the years to come with the Wings model of development.

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