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If You Had To Start a Newspaper


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Okay, let's say some big tycoon millionaire says to you "I need you to start a newspaper, but you can only hire members from the Canucks.com forums to work for the newspaper. You have to find everyone from journalists to paperboys on that website", who would you hire? Here's the departments you need to fill:

1) Sports (2 Positions Open):

2) World News (2 Positions Open):

3) Politics (1 Position Open):

4) Funny Pages (2 Positions Open):

5) Entertainment (1 Position Open):

6) Editorials (2 Positions Open):

7) Delivery Boys (3 Positions Open):

Your newspaper doesn't need to be created to actually have accurate news or opinions, you just have to have the maximum entertainment value possible. The millionaire says he doesn't care about the quality of the reporting, as long as it's entertaining and copies fly off the shelves.

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