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Colon Dee's Thread of Gear Grindin'


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Hay guys, it's your internet pal Colon Dee here.

As someone who has worked in the service industry for a dozen years, I have grown a sharp eye for personal service and as I grow older, I am getting more and more ornery about it. This is a thread for me to bitch about all of the times I have felt insulted at the level of service I have received from a company or even people in general. I'm not a young pup anymore, just happy to be out in the world, doin' my thing.

Stay tuned!

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Grind #1 - Quiznos

So I was out of the city for a bit and took the Skytrain home. It was about 11:40PM and I was looking to grab something to eat to take home. Wasn't in the mood for pizza but I saw that there was a Quiznos nearby. Check out the sign, it's open until Midnight. Great! Going to go in and get me a sloppy ol' sub.

So I cruise on in, and was about to tell the girl mopping the floor to go an' make dat sub but she tells me that they are closed.


The sign said it closes at midnight and I know it doesn't take 20 minutes to make a sub. Business hours doesn't mean that you are walking out the door catching a midnight train (to georgia), it means if I walk in at 11:59 and order six subs, you lock the door behind me and make them! I had to go to Macs and buy a chocolate bar and one of those gross plastic bag subs.

Quiznos, you used to be cool... what happened? I don't even like Subway but now, it gets the nod instead of your early-closin' goofball franchise.

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That would be such a petty thing for you to do. This is a five-star thread, no one is denying that. For you to go and take time out of your busy day to bring this thread's image down, I don't even know what to say.

I thought we were guppies, Avelanch

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Grind #2 - Visa

So back at the end of April, I went to make bank to withdraw some cash to go to the Casino with (no thanks on those $3 ATM service fees at the Casino, but that's a grind for another time). The teller asks me if I want to sign up for a new TD Travel Visa card. It sounded much better than the base level Visa I currently had, so I said SURE.

A few weeks pass and I don't think anything of it, and forget about it to be honest. I go to pay for a tattoo appointment earlier this week and it gets DECLINED. I look like SUCH a deadbeat but I just pay with my Interac card. I get out of the shop and give Visa the old WTF phone call. They tell me that they had sent out my new card and cancelled the old one.

I ask them, "Where [was] it? Was it supposed to meet me at the store when I made my next purchase?". People have their old cards cancelled when they validate their new cards not when it is somewhere on the horizon. So I continued to bitch and moan at the Visa operator although she eventually raised my limit up 150% ohohoho. Finally, I ask where it was sent and was told to my PO box.

Guess what, a week later and almost a month since I signed up, still no card. So now I have nothing to put my credit purchases on. No shopping online. Nothing. THIS IS BUNK.

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