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[Proposal] Van - NYI

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Here's my first try at this.


Van's 1st round pick (23rd)




NYI's 1st (15th)


Matt Donovan

Why Vancouver would want this deal:

- They get to move up 8 spots in the draft and can decide what to do with it later.

- Last chance to trade Edler before NTC kicks in.

- Luongo gets a new home, also drafted by NYI, provided that he is okay with NYI as a team.

- Small cap hit when they buying out Dipietro.

- Salary cap purposes. Edler costs 5 million a year/Luongo costs 5.3. = ~10 million saved.

- Matt Donovan - good AHL stats as a defenseman (45 and 48 pts) -> offensive defenseman

Why New York would want this deal:

- Getting rid of Dipietro's contract and getting back an upper echelon goaltender in return, in lieu of UFA Nabokov

- Luongo's cap hit is 5.3 million, a bargain when it comes to goaltenders of his calibre. Furthermore, NYI owner saves money because most of Luongo's front-loaded contract has been paid by Vancouver, leaving the remaining amounts much more manageable.

- Edler is an established defenseman, with proven production. He will help ensure that NYI stays playoff bound.

- Moves back a little in the 1st round but still able to make a draft pick in the 1st round.

- Getting something of worth for Donovan, which seems to be a good pick by NYI in the 4th round.

Matt Donovan's profile:


Matt Donovan


Edmond Oklahoma


New York Islanders

Currently Playing In:






Eligible for draft:









4th round (96th overall), 2008


190 lbs.

Prospect Talent Score


About Prospect Talent Score and Probability of Success»

Probability of Success

  • B

Talent Analysis

Donovan is a big puck-moving defenseman. He makes a great first pass and has great vision. He has the ability to anchor the power play as well. In his first pro season he has shown a lot of improvement in his foot speed and will continue to improve all aspects of his game.


With his size and offensive upside, he projects as top four offensive-minded defenseman.

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I said.. last chance to trade Edler before NTC kicks in. After that, Edler has full control over where he goes, which will mean reduced value if one needed to trade him.

In a deep draft, moving up 8 spots is VERY significant. Gillis could afford to wheel and deal, if necessary. Or use the pick on a player.

Salary cap space is valuable, especially if you need the space to sign some players at reasonable contracts.

It's not really overpaying. Canucks gain cap space, they get a budding offensive defenseman and they move up 8 spots.

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Cap space.

How do you know that Donovan's 'full potential' isn't as good as Edler's?

To put it into perspective...

The one season that Edler had in AHL was 49 games - he put up 28 points, back in 2006.


Donovan's numbers are similar and he has put in two full seasons, although Edler was 20 years old at the time when he played in the AHL.

I think he has a lot of room for growth.

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Ballard has little trade value. We're better off putting him in the roster.

Booth is injured and can't be bought out. He can be traded if injury is disclosed.

There's only two spaces for amnesty buyouts.

Both of those players aren't that bad.

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