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Size Matters I Hear


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Size means nothing if you don't have skill. Kopitar didn't win a Cup because he's a big body, he won because he's one of the most talented players in the game.

There's no point drafting big guys if we can't develop skills with them and mould them into talented players, but at the same time they need to be born with that hockey IQ.

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Honestly, people need to stop overthinking this 'size' vs 'skill' team. You need a bit of EVERYTHING to win a stanley cup. Yes, that's not easy to get, but who the hell said it was easy to win a Stanley Cup? You think LA just drafted big guys for the hell of it when they sucked? NO! They had a plan, and their plan was to go out and get big, skilled, gritty forwards, who can play with leadership.

LA is a huge team, but they also have mad skill on that team with the likes of Kopitar, Brown, Richards, Carter, Williams, even Penner is a force come playoff time.

You need a little of everything, not one or the other. Teams like LA and Boston will succeed over CHI and PIT because they have both. Not to mention stellar goaltending on all 4 of those teams.

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