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Would muscle make the Sedins more formidable?


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That question is sooooo 2003.

Since the lockout, the twins' commitment to strength training has been unquestionable. Their offseason regimen has become almost the stuff of legend.

But yeah, when the twins added muscle (and shed their baby fat), they became much more formidable.

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Depends how you define "formidable". Most likely, they'd be more able to fend off guys as they do their cycling and fancy plays. However, it probably won't make them much more aggressive than they already are (unless they chose to play that way).

After doing minimal searching, I found that they're 6'1", 187 (Danny) and 6'2", 188 lbs (Hank). respectively right now. Many guys of similar stature have been able to play much more physical, speed-based games (Evander Kane's 6'2", 195 lbs. but he can fly, hit and score big goals out there. Heck, Burrows is 6'1", 188 lbs. but he also plays determined hockey).

Given those examples I think it's safe to say that muscles and being formidable don't have much to do with it. While similar-sized guys like Kane and Burr prefer to play chippy and hit, that's their style of play, while the Twins, seem to be more cerebral and less direct in their plays, preferring to work around to make plays. I'm not saying that the Twins won't be able to, but given their size they should already be able to be "formidable" (meaning play more physically in this sense) yet I'd think that the reason that they don't would be their personalities and style of play instead. The fact that there are guys who are shorter or lighter than them who already play physically should speak volumes that this softer style is probably not based on muscle.

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