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My NYI trade for Luongo + Van- Ott

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To Van:

Nino Niederreiter, 1st round pick 2013, Rick Dipietro


Luongo, Ballard

Canuck ownership wants to win. They accept having to buy out Dipietro in return for a better return. Losing out on Ballards contract also helps this decision.

To Van:

Cody Ceci

To Ott:

David Booth, Shroeder, 3rd round pick 2014

Ott is willing to trade prospects for scoring right now. Booth could be someone they look at and think they can get his game back to scoring some goals. Adding Schroeder the Package could land us a nice prospect like Cody Ceci.

Gillis will wait until Edler’s NTC kicks in and ask him where he is willing to go. I will say in this proposal that he is traded but can’t choose who to add because I don’t know where he will accept.

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Higgins Kesler Niederreiter

Jensen Gaunce Hansen

Sestito Lain Kassian

Hamuis Tanev

Bieksa Corrado

Garrison Ceci



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Ottawa has great depth at center. Make that Jensen instead and try for something that isn't Ceci, he's a local boy and upon drafting Murray said loudly he'd never be traded because the fans deserved a hometown boy. For the NYI trade, that's gotta be our first round pick thrown in as well. Snow is off his rocker at times but he's not entirely stupid. But that being said Nino wants out, and if we threw our 1st in as well we could easily ask for more besides a disgruntled prospect and a lower pick. Remember, the Isles have a ton of cap space but Wang has sunk a buttload of money into moving the team and the financial world has not been kind to him recently so guaranteeing him playoff revenue and taking an anchor of a contract away from his pocketbook will absolutely help him and possibly make it palatable to part with another forward prospect. Remember kids, hockey is a business as well and these billionaire owners have other areas of monetary concern. A quick look at Wang's finances since fall of 2011 will show you what I mean. Not a bad trade proposal though all in all

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I don't think you are catching the DiPietro part. Whats is $40 million worth to a team that is in a perpetual financial crunch.... a lot. There have been several reports stating that Mason's comment about the Aquilinis not wanting to buy out players is entirely false. Paying DiPietro $1.5 million per year is basically nothing but a tax write-off for a profitable team like the Canucks. If they make an extra playoff round in a single year as a result of the freed up cap space and players from NYI they are ahead of the game.

Their 1st round is a mid pick this year, not a lottery pick, Neiderreiter has publicly said he wants to be traded. Luongo has name recognition and would help sell tickets in a new rink. A very plausible idea, though I think there will be other teams looking to take DiPietro off their hands for a nice player in return.

They probably don't need Ballard going the other way though as that is dollars they could use for someone else.

I would ask for Carkner as well as he would be a good fit on our bottom pairing.





(Edler goes out for some 2nd line help)

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