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Alex Edler + Jordan Schroeder


2013 1st (PHI) + Wayne Simmonds


Cory Schneider + 2013 1st (VAN) + David Booth + Rights to Raymond/Roy (this is a wash, but they'll need assets)


Griffin Reinhart + Ryan Strome + Matt Martin


2014 2nd round pick


Marcel Goc

In the process of letting Roy/Raymond/Manny/Barker walk, we have a very different, younger looking team. I love the size/skill and grit this group will have.

New Lineup:

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Kassian Kesler Simmonds

Higgins Strome Hansen

Lapierre Goc Martin

Sestito Weise








Our first line remains strong, Second line runs people over and completes a great top 6.

Our 3rd line gives us a scoring top-9 that will allow Gillis to have an uptempo offensive team.

Our 4th line will give us a good crash and bang group, that is defensively responsible, and can be used in a shutdown role.

We don't rush Gaunce/Jensen/Lain or Corrado in this...and we end up with a high first round pick in the 2013 draft and some can't miss prospects that will ease the transition as the sedins age. We also don't use any buyouts, which can give us options in case other teams need to dump and we have to "buy assets" like we did with Booth, or Toronto did with Franson (by taking on Lombardi)

It's tough to give up Schneider, Edler, our 2013 1st, Schroeder...and to a lesser extent booth, but we've gotta give to gain.

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Philly would probably part with Simmonds before Couts, given that Voracek is higher on the depth chart. How many other top-2 dmen would be available at a reasonable cap hit for them to target?

The NYI is a big deal, but Schneider is a top goalie in this league signed to a very reasonable contract. The islanders have plenty of youth already, but their #1 need is a top goalie, then some more serviceable NHL Roster players. If they take a chance on Roy and Raymond, they're a great young team that's up and coming with far better depth than last season.

If I'm not mistaken, we do have our 2014 2nd round pick...

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because of cap issues, i believe we will pick up a couple of torres type players who are not too expensive....nyi are interesting because they may need a goalie, same with philly...you have to set yourself up as the GM of these other clubs, and ask yourself, would i do this deal..

gillis has said that lu was going, not schneids and that edler was not going to be traded....gilman said, there will not be a lot of moves.....

if gaunce or schroeder can't compete as 3rd line centers, they will have to try and trade for one....

we may see booth, kesler with either higgy, kass, or jensen as our second line....

ballard will probably be the cap space moving along lu.

i know most people on here will disagree with me, this is a good team that has lost it's edge and doesn't seem to be able to raise their game to a new level....gillis has said the core.....sedins, burrows, kesler, higgins, hansen, hamhuis, bieksa, garrison, edler and schneids, would not be traded away this year...he said he would add players, like a torres or a goal scorer to help them out....

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Sroutley, you're probably right with NYI trading for Luo instead of Schneider, and in that deal I believe we would end up with El Nino back on our team (which would give us a sizeable winger with upside). He fills a similar need as Simmonds, at a lower cost...so if that was the case, we might move for the center from PHI being Couts. I just wanted to throw a slightly different trade idea out there than what's been in the mix.

I think Martin is the perfect 4th line winger for us, and Goc is what we need in a shutdown C (high FO%, responsible defensively, great cap hit @ 1.7m, and gives our top 2/3Cs opportunity to play more offensive minutes). As for putting Lappy on the wing, it gives us options incase Goc gets waived out of draws, and as we have seen with some teams (chi/bos/sjs) - you're never really lacking for center depth.

I think NYI would certainly be hard pressed to give up on two top-5 picks, but as with Columbus and many perennial bottom-feeders, drafting potential and developing them properly is still a gamble, where as a proven asset goes a long way to helping them build on their success last year. How many people last year would have seen CBJ trading for Gaborik?

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I made a similar proposal to the first deal, it was Edler straight up for Simmonds but this variation is good too. Like your idea of stealing 3 young prospects from the Islanders, doubt that happens but who knows. The Florida proposal is good but I'd rather have Schroeder, Lapierre or Gordon tbh.

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