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[Proposal] How Van Gets Mackinnon and Drouin.

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1st trade

To Fla: Luongo, Corrado, 1st, 2nd in 2014, shroeder, raymond right and roy rights (maybe a 1st next year instead of a 2nd if at least one doesnt sign)

To Van: Campbell 1st (2nd overall) Jovanovski or Upshall (to buyout)

Van get a campbell garrison pairing that we know works well, Mackinnon and we loose Luongo's contract.

The downside is that campbell doesnt fit into out salary structure and may cause us cap issues in the future. Not to mention the owners have to deal with a buyout.

Florida gets corrado to play on the third pairing and eventually in the first two. Shroeder and raymond who played well together and would probably pair well with bjugstad.

A first this year in a very deep draft. Roy's rights would at least give florida another barganing chip for weiss' contract. At best they sign weiss and Roy and florida can roll 3 lines.

2nd trade

To Tampa: Edler and a 3rd

To Van: 1st (3rd overall)

Van gets Drouin who is probably more valuable as a player with mackinon than without him. The franchise is competitive for at least another decade.

If Van has campbell loosing edler will probably go unoticed. Drouin might not have as much upside as scouts think. It's hard to tell when he always plays with mackinnon.

Tampa gets a partner for hedman and one of the best pairings in the league maybe the best in the east. Their defense is very old and they don't have many prospects who can make a top 4 impact.

The downside for tampa is that they don't have alot of cap room. Taking edler's contract would make things tight but it is their forwards using all their cap not the dmen.

Our lines this year would look like:

Sedin Sedin Kassian

Higgins Kesler Burrows

Jensen ---- Hansen

Sesito ---- Weise

(Booth would have to be bought out or traded)

Hamhuis Bieksa

Garrison Campbell

Ballard Tanev



In a couple years

Sedin Sedin Kassian

Gaunce Kesler Burrows

Drouin Mackinon Jensen

Higgins Lain Mallet

Hamhuis Bieksa

Garrison Campbell

Ballard Tanev

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We would need to get the 4th overall from Nashville 1st.

Trade Edler, our 1st rights to Roy and/or Raymond plus Archibald for 4th overall.

(Nashville needs to be in playoffs next year this makes it happen)

Then we are in play.

All teams that pick ahead of us could use Lou plus the big RW Russian. Plus all of those teams would be god for Lou .

I don't think we can get both of them, however with Lou, the 4th overall (and some other sweetener) we could move up to get McKinnon.

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