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The only thing I don't like is that I feel the left side is missing something. So that's where the text went, but I can't find a font I like for it. -_-

If you have any font suggestions, please let me know.

C&C is appreciated, as always :)











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Thanks for the fonts! I didn't see the picture you posed until after I posted V2 in the OP. I really like how you do your spacing on your text. I can't figure that out, or if I should use regular, or italic. Then if I should make the text "strong" or "crisp" or whatever. It's hard <_<

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Those are two of my favorite. I usually do normal and strong/smooth since I usually will have a texture over it (since I start with the text).

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I just tried it. It blends into the light too much and it's unreadable. :lol:

I'd like it closer too, but I'm not good at making text stand out, I just end up making the text look bad :unsure:

Well...Actually, I added V4 to the OP. How's it look? It's the best way I could get the text closer to him without making it hard to read.

Lawl. I messed up on V4 actually >_<, but you get my point

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