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[Proposal] New D.

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** In this scenario, Edler has been moved for offense, be it in a trade with Lu or not, and Ballard has been moved/bought out.

To Minnesota:

4th 2013

4th 2014


To Vancouver:

Clayton Stoner

** While our teams may not like each other, Minnesota has some young D that are making a name for themselves and fighting for roster spots. (Brodin, Dumba) And have Spurgeon that is going to need a raise, as well as a decision on Falk. I think for the right price Stoner could be expendable as he is an attractive bottom pairing target.

I also think Minnesota's best move is to look for a top pairing guy to play with Suter and all his tough minutes allowing Brodin and Dumba pair up with Spurgeon and Gilbert with Prosser/Falk in the wings.


Tanev 2 yrs @ 1.3M

Alberts 3 yrs @ 1.15M

Kostka 2 yrs @ 900k




Alberts- Kostka

Corrado+Stoner+Kostka+Alberts+Tanev (5M) = Edler's 5M cap hit. and while none of those players have Edler's offensive talent, depth wins cups. All 3 of Garrison, Hamhuis, and Bieksa have shown the ability to put up points and whatever Edler manages to fetch in a trade should equal if not surpass his offensive output.

Just my two cents.

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