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i dont like them. as a team im fine with them. just Brown, Doughty and Quick piss me off. and their official twitter page is pretty disrespectful to other teams. i dont think there is another teams twitter account that openly insults other teams and their players.

other than that im fine with them, i would never root for them obviously, but they arent hated.

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I don't hate LA at all. They were better than us last year. I dislike Brown quite a bit, but, overall, there are many players (Williams, Richards, Mitchell, Greene, Quick) that I like a lot on their team. They play the game hard, but, relatively clean

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thought question. when I was in Vancouver learning about hockey my friends "guided" me to hate Toronto Maple Leafs and any other team who beat or win the Canucks...

so basically I hate all the other teams :)

but I really hate very much the Boston Bruins, LA Kings, Chicago Blackhwaks, Toronto Maple Leafs and now San Jose Sharks...

now my stupid "Brother in Law" came from Toronto as a Leafs fan, another reason to hate him...

I can´t understand, if a Canucks fan is suposed to hate the Chicago how the hell we have to support the Chicago Wolves?

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