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UPDATED: Keith gets one game suspension...thoughts?


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I never said he should get away with it or that he shouldn't have got a penalty, did i? All I said is it was a dumb play by Keith and Carter should be embarrassed for his display on the ice after. Get off the ice and skate to the bench. Play the sport the Canadian way. How you took that and related that to rape I have know clue...

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Repeat offender? Check

Sexist pig? Check

Absolutely dirty redneck? Check

Haircut of a Southern farmer of the 60s? Check

Suspend him and send him to alketraz .... he used the stick as a weapon

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Keith's slash aside, that was a douche move by Carter. he deserved some retribution. Hacking at another players unprotected hand is almost as bad as a slash to the face. A players hand is not as valuable as his eye sight, but it's not that far off either........that could easily have knocked Keith out for the series and changed the outcome of the playoffs.

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