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Which coach actually wants to work here?


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This market is a killer,,,I think the question should be which coach can handle this pressure cooker?

You have to be a special person,,as much as I think AV going was the right move,,he at least handled the media and fan pressure well.

Lets go over some of the candidates,,shall we...

TORTS--This guy will end up on the outs with every media person in the city...let alone when the fans start calling for his head next year, and every player hating him.

GULUTZAN-- An unknown really..didnt work in Big D...doubt it will work here.

RUFF-- I honestly think this guy would be the answer..he handles the media well and in this market,,lets get real..its a must..plus , with a little bit of talent...who knows.

ARNIEL-- Forget it,,this guy couldnt change lines on a Bantam team..with the Wolves,,he was horrendous

TIPPET--Could be the answer...I doubt he will be let off to find out,,COYS will resign him

I am at a loss,,but whoever takes the helm of this team has a lot to deal with,,core, media and fans...good luck.

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Eakins might want to coach here.. Mainly to get his first taste at coaching in the NHL, and we are usually a playoff bound team...

But a few other teams could be after him too, or he could have another destination in mind.. Who knows...

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Every Canadian city (except the severely grateful Jets fans) is a tough crowd to please. Toronto and Edmonton fans have been known to wear bags over their heads, Montreal boos their team constantly and Calgary...oh, well...Calgary...meh. It's just the nature of the one-track-minded Canadian hockey fan. Vancouver is certainly not alone in this. Just cruise around the other team's boards.

People that love a challenge and want to experience hockey mad town will play/coach for these teams. At the very least, it's probably the best place to improve your skills.

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