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Looking back at the Linden trade


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Looking back at the trade in 1998. The Canucks were searching for a new identity, and traded the face of the franchise Trevor Linden (28yo) for Bertuzzi (22yo), McCabe (22yo) and a 3rd.

Looking back, it was obviously a steal; yet what would that trade look like today with similar comparibles?

Today, Ryan Kesler is also 28, and some could argue his on-ice contributions are similar to what Trevor Linden brought.

Zach Kassian is 22, same as Bertuzzi was at the trade. He has accomplished pretty much the same as Bertuzzi had at that point as well, as a mid 1st rounder. Maybe a Josh Bailey is another similar valued asset.

McCabe was a huge, yet slow, physical talented defeseman. A mid 2nd round pick. Similar to Travis Hamonic, perhaps.

So... if you could use this deal as a template for player value again, and even picked the same teams? Would you trade Ryan Kesler for Josh Bailey and Travis Hamonic? Or is the value way off?


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The real key to the success of that deal is that we traded McCabe for a Sedin. So essentially it was Linden for Bertuzzi, Sedin and 3rd (Jarkko Ruutu). All of those players panned out perfectly for us. Hamonic and Bailey could pan out but you never know.

We are solid on D so I personally wouldn't do that deal

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Either MG does not have gonads or nobody in the NHL wants to talk to him.

The Luo fiasco is a painful charade.

I am actually curious to see if Gillis can make a Luo trade that truly benefits the Canucks.

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I'll agree that the Linden trade worked out very well for us. In today's NHL, though, Kesler is probably the last Canuck I would consider trading. Young, physical, 30-goal, two-way centers who can win draws are way too valuable. I would probably only trade Kesler for a monster defenseman (Norris quality) or as part of a package for an even better center (Malkin, Toews etc).

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