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Best Trash Talk Lines

Alex the Great

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Since the other thread got locked,

What it the best trash talk line you've said to an opponent?

We were playing an all christian school in soccer game and they were rubbing it in our faces because they were winning 5-0 so when we finally scored off a corner kick my buddy looked at their goalie and said "where's your god now?!"

They were swearing at us all game telling us to shut the f*** up and all that jazz.

So, what's the best line you've used?

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Not the best but I heard one of the worst ever a while ago playing soccer with my friends against a bunch of 30 year olds in summer league. Some guy who was maybe 5'6 (if I'm being generous) got in a scuffle with my buddy who's 6'6 and called him a "grubby ass giraffe". Better than being a midget eh?

Since I got peer pressured into playing soccer and I'm not that good at it, I just make an effort to chirp the other team and get them off their game. Not very good at that either, but I got a few decent chirps in. One game (another against guys in their 30s, who seem to be the angriest guys out there) me and a guy are going at each other after my team's been blowing them out. Eventually I just say "scoreboard buddy scoreboard, 8 sounds a lot better than 2. Your girlfriend agrees with me too." That got the guy fuming pretty good :lol:

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