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[Official] 2013 Young-Stars Classic Tourney Thread (Sept 5-9)


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Good game so far between San Jose and Winnipeg. 3-2 Winnipeg after 1 period. Abeltshauser looks good again for SJ and Scheifele working hard for Win.

Can't wait to see Frankie and more of the rest of the prospects in the later game tonight.

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I like that Zach Hall is projected to be on the first line - he is a skill guy and Travis Green burried him on the 4th line last game.

I am excited to see Evan Mecenerny or however you spell his name - he was getting top shut down minutes for kitchener this year.

Also excited to see Miles Liberati and Subban.

A little disappointed Gaune is not in the line up - I would have matched him up against Monahan to see if he could match him - now that would be a test for Gaunce. We already know Bo is up for it but we need to see where Gaunce is at and you dont get that by just putting him up against whomever...

Yes Bo looked great last game, he has speed, he has a nice stride, hands and the 200 foot game, but he is our only top prospect- so we better develop him properly, I think unless he looks 100% ready for the NHL -he is better going back to Jr and going to WJHC and the memorial cup - it will be a special year for him....

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