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[Official] 2013 Young-Stars Classic Tourney Thread (Sept 5-9)


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No, just excited as I wasn't sure i'd get one and not everything needs a new thread lol.

But will be good I should be able to upload photos directly either from tourny or afterwards to the site which is exciting. Most likely I will be keying in to photographing and coumenting of course Gaunce Horvat Jensen etc, those most likely to make the club this year from start or call up in mid season.

I for one am excited as without the pass I would have been limited to a tiny point and shoot instead of photographing with a dedicated DSLR and proper lenses

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Anyone hear anything about Jesse Mychan getting signed (either with Utica or Vancouver)?

Was checking out the invites and I stumbled on to Mychan's Twitter.

First, he lists himself as a "Professional Hockey Player" in his profile. Not a big deal by itself (although it's a little weird if he's not actually a pro) but then there's this conversation with Ronalds Kenins:

Jesse Mychan@jmychan28 30 Jul

@Ronaldskenins congrats on the deal you nutjob euro! See ya in sept #beauty

Ronalds Kenins@Ronaldskenins 30 Jul

@jmychan28 hey thanks buddy but i am coming later wenn in swiss seasson is over

Jesse Mychan@jmychan28 30 Jul

@Ronaldskenins sounds good man have a good season ill see ya then!

Ronalds Kenins@Ronaldskenins 30 Jul

@jmychan28 of course buddy miss you

Sounds like a couple of guys who think they're going to be teammates. Even when Kenins reminds Mychan that he won't be coming to the camps and won't make it over until after the Swiss season concludes, Mychan still seems to expect they'll end up together.

I can't find anything confirming a signing and Mychan isn't listed on any of the rosters I've checked.

I suppose it's possible they haven't formally announced anything.

Could also just be that Mychan's a very positive guy (or really confident that he's gonna make it).

Or, I suppose Mychan and Kenins could have become good friends at summer development camp and they'll get together next season regardless of where each of them are playing.

I can't say that I'd mind seeing Mychan join the organization. I did some internet scouting of the invites today and Mychan was actually a player that stood out for me. Certainly not a guy with high end skills but he's a solid, hardworking player who's shown considerable perseverance and brings a lot of enthusiasm and a great attitude to the rink. He has good size and plays a physical, intimidating style.

I've also had a bit of a soft spot for Mychan ever since I watched this video clip:

He basically tries to fight two guys at once.

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Jesse Mychan


Look at the PIM's

Also I read the following

Tri-City forward Jesse Mychan also be attending camp — with the Vancouver Canucks.

Mychan, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, had his right Achilles’ tendon severed during Game 3 of the Americans’ first-round playoff series with Everett. He has been skating and running, but won’t be able to participate fully in all camp drills, which the Canucks are aware.

“They must have liked the way I played during the regular season,” Mychan said. “I’m not going to be able to do the actual camp, but I can do the fitness stuff and they are OK with that. I will get the benefit of the coaching. I will take it all in.

“Jim (coach Hiller) and (general manager) Bob (Tory) gave me an opportunity and played me to my strengths and I got noticed by teams. In the end, it will pay off.”(Herald)

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As for SJs prospect pool, of those listed I'd expect Hertl, Iafrate, and Mueller will make the NHL. Not very familiar with their other prospects. And ya, our prospect pool in 2007 was pretty terrible to the best of my memory (I suppose Raymond was still considered a prospect then though, and Grabner hadn't played his rookie season yet).

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Shinkaruk - Horvat - Jensen

Labate - Gaunce - Grenier

Blomstrand - Lain - Mallet

Myron - Cassels - Friesen

Corrado - Subban

Cederholm - Tommernes

Liberati - Hutton



I would imagine it will be something along these lines. Some players may be ineligible and will be replaced by invites though.

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