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Will luongo win a cup on a different team?


will lu win a cup on a different   

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We will be trading lu to a team whatever team it will be... do u think lu will get a cup? I have no idea why but this feeling is that we trade him and he gonna be the goalie of the year. In the playoffs he gonna be a monster.

his value in my mind if he was coming to van is

edler 1st


booth raymay/ roy (rights) 1st 2014 and conditional 3rd 2014 if roy/raymay will not sigh

same for schnieder if we decides to trade him ... he will a cup as well

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What a ridiculous question. If all it took to win a cup was Roberto Luongo, we would already have one.

Is Luongo good enough to be a goaltender on a winning team? Absolutely

Will Luongo win a cup? Um, maybe if he gets traded, and maybe if the team he gets traded to is a contender?

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Even if he doesn't, he'll enjoy being the undisputed #1 in net for a team that's less in the spotlight. Hopefully the fans and media in the city that he goes to won't be blaming him and shooting down his value (not to mention confidence) as much as this city's does.

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I'd trade him to the Penguins for a 7th and watch him win the cup.

Wherever Luongo goes, i hope he wins a cup before the Canucks do

EDIT: He should also bring the cup to Vancouver and celebrate with it downtown. That would probably be the funniest event in the history of professional sports. Man oh man, and if he beat the Canucks in the finals.. LOL

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It kind of depends on where he's getting traded to don't you think?

If it's Philly, the Islanders or even the Pens, absolutely I could see it.

And I'll raise a glass and shed a tear for him when he does.

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